Acer is one of the many companies trying to make it in the highly competitive smartphone market but the company has now decided that it’s going to stay out of one of the most lucrative markets for smartphone manufacturers. The company has confirmed that Acer smartphones will no longer be available in India. The competition has increased considerably in the Indian market and Acer just doesn’t seem to find it feasible to continue competing in India against the likes of Apple, Samsung, and the plethora of local and Chinese manufacturers.


Acer first started selling smartphones in India about six years ago. It’s not like the Taiwanese company hasn’t taken its time to try and establish a footing in the lucrative market.

The company has decided to stop selling its smartphones in India, at least for now. Acer’s managing director for India explains that the company’s smartphone market is very price-centric and most consumers tend to go for affordability over functionality.

“Today, mobiles have become a commodity from a price-point basis, rather than an experience basis. There are very few products based on experience. When you are into that kind of a space, it is a decision you need to take, whether to produce a quality product and bleed or just copy others and make a product for a particular price-point,” he added.

Acer may revisit its decision at some point in the future, but if consumers in India want an Acer smartphone now, they will either have to rely on gray market imports or import a unit themselves.

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