Atari has been out of the business of making home consoles for a very long time now. However, at the E3 2017 gaming convention last month, the company confirmed that it was working on a “brand new Atari product.” We later found out that it was going to be a new home gaming console called the Ataribox.

It was also revealed initially that the Ataribox will have a wooden box much like the 2600 console from back in the day. It didn’t reveal much information about the new console back then, though, so it left fans anxious to find out more.

Atari has said that its aim with the new console is to create something that’s new and yet true to its heritage. It wants to appeal to new and old fans of Atari both.

Hence the use of the classic found made popular by the Atari 2600. The upcoming console also features a raised back, ribbed lines, and a front panel that can be wood or glass.

Additional features include four USB ports, one HDMI port as well as support for SD cards. Atari has said that its new console is going to deliver classic games as well as current content.

It hasn’t clarified if new games will be developed from scratch or if the Ataribox will be similar to what Nintendo did with the NES and SNES Classic in that it will enable people to play classic games on a machine that looks like one of its retro consoles.

Atari will release information about the pricing and availability of the Ataribox in the coming months.

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