Origami Clothing Will ‘Grow’ With Your Child

If there is one thing parents probably lament on, it is probably how fast children grow up, and how clothes for kids definitely do not last as long due to the rate that children grow. This means that in terms of spending, it can get pretty expensive. However 24-year old designer Ryan Yasin might have an answer to that problem.

Using his background in aeronautical engineering, Yasin applied certain scientific principles and came up with a series of clothing designed for kids that would actually “grow” with them, thanks to its origami-like design. The clothing lineup, dubbed Petit Pli, works by employing the Poisson  ratio. When the clothing is stretched, the material that uses this ratio will become thicker and expand in two directions at the same time, which is actually a similar concept used in stents and biomedical implants.

What this means in terms of clothing is that as a child grows, the material will be able to stretch and “grow” with the child, meaning that the clothing worn when the child was 1 year old would still be fitting when they reach 2 years old. Are these the most fashionable children’s outfits we’ve seen? Based on the current designs they do look rather plain, but if it saves parents money, and since kids don’t really care about looking trendy, we guess maybe it’s a non-issue.

Yasin has since won himself the Dyson Award along with £2,000 in prize money, and has revealed that he is working with a major retailer in the UK and hopes to bring the clothing lineup mainstream in a few months.

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