Most of us would love to think that we live in neighborhoods filled with nice and honest people, but the sad reality is that you can never truly know your neighbor. This is why more often than not, having packages stolen from your porch is becoming a thing, which police have been trying to crack down on by using fake boxes.

However YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober decided that he needed to do something more elaborate after he had one of his packages stolen from his porch, where even after showing the CCTV footage to police, was told that they could not really do much about it. Taking matters into his own hands, Rober and his friend Sean Hodgins built a fake package that hid a booby trap to tempt thieves and hopefully make them think twice.

The package showed the Apple HomePod on the outside which we imagine makes it a pretty tempting item for thieves. However the packaged was booby trapped where upon removing the cover of the box, would activate a centrifugal spinner that would blast extra fine glitter (the stuff that’s almost impossible to remove) into the air and all over the thief (or thieves), their car, and their homes.

It would also continuously spray fart gas every few seconds in case the glitter bomb wasn’t enough. The trap also contained four smartphones hidden inside of it with LTE connectivity so that the footage would be uploaded to the cloud, and also GPS so that Rober could track down the package and retrieve it. While not necessarily a “prank” per se, it’s still a pretty fun watch. You can also check out the video below which shows Hodgin’s provide a more detailed look at the build of the trap.

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