iPhone X Reportedly Sells Out In Minutes In South Korea

With the iPhone X being priced at $999 for the base model, there is some concern as to whether or not the handset will sell. After all at $999 it isn’t cheap and it will definitely drive away potential customers who might be shocked at the price tag. However so far it seems that Apple has nothing to worry about.

According to South Korean carrier SK Telecom, it seems that the carrier has managed to sell out their pre-order inventory of the iPhone X in 3 minutes. To give you guys some context, last year’s iPhone 7 took about 20 minutes to sell out, and while 20 minutes is indeed impressive, 3 minutes is just mind-boggling.

This is also more amazing when you consider that the iPhone X 64GB model is priced higher in South Korea at around $1,237 versus $999 stateside. Of course we don’t know exactly how many units SK Telecom had on hand in the first place, but industry analysts are claiming that about 150,000 units had been allocated to the region.

This report seems to be in line with initial reports that the iPhone X managed to sell 9-12 million units within the first 3 days of availability. It also appears that Apple might have gotten a handle on production because shipping estimates for the iPhone X in various markets have improved to 2-3 weeks.

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