Following the legal issues with the fan-run vanilla World of Warcraft servers last year and Blizzard’s radio silence following the meeting with the developers, the company certainly surprised us all when they officially announced World of Warcraft Classic servers at BlizzCon 2017 that took place over the weekend.


Now if you were excited by the news, it seems that you might want to practice a bit of patience because the World of Warcraft Classic servers could take a while before they are launched. This is according to an interview with Eurogamer in which the game’s executive producer J. Allen Brack stated that they are still figuring some stuff out.

According to Brack, “The important announcement today was: we’re doing this. We’ve heard the community, we’ve heard our own internal teams, we’ve heard all the comments over the years. When it comes to the details, we don’t know all of the answers just yet.” He also adds that one of the ways Blizzard plans on approaching the Classic servers is also by talking to the community and see what they want from it.

He adds, “There’s also the fact that now we’ve announced this, we might want to partner with the community on some of those answers. WOW changed a lot in the first two years, before The Burning Crusade came along, and so, how exactly should it work? Those are questions we need to talk about, for sure.” Given Blizzard’s penchant for taking their time with their games, plus with the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion having just been announced as well, we wouldn’t be surprised if this will take a while to get off the ground.

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