Lyft Will Demonstrate Self-Driving Cars In Las Vegas Next Week

Lyft is one of the many companies that’s a player in the self-driving car space. It recently launched a pilot program in Boston to showcase the technology in partnership with nuTonomy. Lyft is expanding its partnership to nuTonomy’s parent company Aptiv to demonstrate self-driving cars in Las Vegas next week when the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 will be in town.

This demonstration is meant to showcase a real-life application of a scalable, automated driving technology that’s going to have a major impact on improving safety, emissions, and urban congestion, according to Aptiv President and CEO Kevin Clark.

Aptiv is going to provide the self-driving cars for this demonstration while Lyft will handle the dispatch. Lyft users will be able to hail rides in these autonomous cars around the Las Vegas strip area. They won’t be able to take these cars anywhere in the city, though. They will only offer point-to-point rides in more than 20 pre-defined areas.

Those who are interested will be able to request a self-driving ride from the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Gold Lot. Prior to their ride, they will be taken through an informative exhibit which will showcase the positive impact this technology can have on lives.

All self-driving cars will have a safety driver behind the wheel to take over should anything go wrong. There’s also going to be an in-car host. The self-driving rides will be available from January 9th to January 12th.

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