Ford And Walmart Working On Autonomous Delivery Service

Ford’s heavily invested in self-driving cars and it’s working with multiple partners to create solutions that will rely on cars that can drive themselves. The company has teamed up with Walmart to explore how self-driving cars can delivery everyday goods such as groceries and supplies. Postmates is a partner in this project as well.

Waymo’s Driverless Taxi Service May Launch Commercially Next Month

Waymo, the self-driving division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has long been working on self-driving cars with the aim of launching a taxi service that relies entirely on cars that can drive themselves. According to a new report, Waymo could be launching its driverless taxi service as soon as next month.

Self-Driving Mercedes S-Class Taxi Service Launches In San Jose Next Year

It was confirmed by Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler and Bosch back in July that they would be launching a pilot program for their robo-taxi service in Silicon Valley next year. Some additional details have been confirmed about the service. Its fleet will consist of luxurious self-driving Mercedes-Benz S class vehicles and the service will be launched in San Jose, California in the second half of 2019.

Uber Applies For Permission To Test Their Self-Driving Cars Again

We know that Uber has been testing self-driving cars, although unfortunately earlier this year, one of the company’s self-driving cars was involved in a fatal accident. This eventually led to the company putting an end to their self-driving tests, and for a moment it seemed like they might have put it on the backburner.


Ford To Test Self-Driving Cars In China With Baidu

Ford is one of the many major car manufacturers working on autonomous cars and Baidu is one of the many tech companies working on this technology. The two have now decided to team up in order to test self-driving cars on roads in China. The tests will be part of a new two year project between the companies.

Komatsu Unveils Self-Driving Construction Vehicles

#CEATEC2018 – The construction site can be a dangerous place due to all the heavy materials being used, and where slipping up on safety can result in disastrous consequences. We’re sure that eventually there will be a day when we can construct buildings 100% safely, but in the meantime Japanese company Komatsu might have a way to help.

Audi And Huawei Will Develop Self-Driving Car Technology

It’s not uncommon to see car manufacturers and tech companies team up these days as work on autonomous driving technologies picks up the pace. It will therefore not come as a surprise that Audi and Huawei have now teamed up to work on self-driving car technology together. This partnership is primarily for the self-driving cars that Audi will sell in China due to local regulations.

Honda Invests $2.75 Billion In GM’s Cruise For Self-Driving Cars

One of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Honda, is teaming up with Cruise Automation on self-driving cars. Cruise Automation is the self-driving subsidiary of General Motors. The two companies will collaborate on a purpose-built self-driving car that can be useful in many different scenarios and will be easy to produce at scale for a global release. Honda is contributing $2.75 billion for this project.

Apple Now Has 70 Self-Driving Vehicles In Its Fleet

It is still very much unclear as to what Apple wants to do with self-driving cars. However whatever it is that the company has planned, it only seems to be expanding because according to California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, it appears that Apple’s self-driving fleet now boasts of 70 vehicles along with 139 drivers that are permitted to test these vehicles.

Uber Says They Have No Plans To Sell Self-Driving Car Division

We know that Uber has been testing out self-driving cars, but as you might have heard, there was a fatal accident involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars which no doubt put the brakes on the company’s self-driving plans. For example earlier this year they announced that they would not be renewing their self-driving permit in California.

Apple’s Self-Driving Car Involved In Expressway Crash

While there’s not enough evidence to support rumors that Apple is developing its own car, it’s evidently testing its self-driving technology with retrofitted cars. Apple has actually been doing this for quite some time now and has just reported the first car involving its self-driving car. An Apple autonomous vehicle was rear-ended as it merged onto the expressway near the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley last month.

Toyota Confirms $500 Million Investment In Uber

It was reported yesterday that Toyota might decide to invest $500 million in Uber for self-driving cars. The report wasn’t immediately confirmed by either company but it has now been formally revealed that Toyota is indeed investing $500 million in the ride-hailing service that has long been working on self-driving cars.

Toyota Could Invest $500 Million Into Uber’s Self-Driving Technology

There are many transportation companies that are working towards developing self-driving cars. However many of them seem to be working independently from each other, which admittedly probably isn’t as efficient, although not surprising since we imagine that these companies would want to keep their technological advances a secret.

Tesla’s Semi Has Been Driving Cross-Country By Itself

While Tesla might be known for its electric cars, last year the company took the wraps off a new vehicle called “Semi” which is basically an electric truck. However given that a truck would need considerably more battery than a car, one has to wonder how would the Semi fare driving across the country by itself?