Tesla Shows Off A Car Without A Steering Wheel

At the moment, Tesla is pretty much the only car company that has cars that you can buy that kind of have self-driving capabilities, thanks to the Autopilot feature found in the company’s cars. It seems that Tesla is really pushing the tech because more recently, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed their plans to launch cars without a steering wheel within the next 2 years.

Researchers Trick Tesla’s Autopilot Using Nothing But Stickers On The Ground

One of the features of Tesla cars would be its Autopilot feature where it is more of an enhanced cruise control feature that also has the ability for the car to steer itself, meaning that it can be used on curved roads where the sensors on the car would allow it to continue to remain in its lane without driver input.

Stanford’s Self-Driving Car Tries To Drive Like A Race Car Driver

You may not want self-driving cars on public roads to drive as if they’re competing in a grand prix. That’s why companies that are working on this technology have gone to great lengths to ensure that their autonomous cars are overly cautious on public roads. What if the self-driving car is on a race track, could it drive like a race car driver? That’s something that the folks at Stanford […]

Self-Driving Shuttles Will Be Coming To New York City

One day in the future, self-driving cars will become commonplace. There are many benefits to self-driving cars, such as reduced accidents and also potentially reduced traffic jams since these cars can regulate themselves. However we imagine that future is still several years away, but in the meantime self-driving shuttles could help us make that transition.


Singapore To Test Volvo’s Full-Sized Self-Driving Buses

One of the upsides in a world where we all sit in self-driving vehicles is that accidents between vehicles will theoretically be minimal, and that everyone should arrive on time. This is particularly important especially with public transport, and this is something that Singapore is hoping to build on.

Apple’s Self-Driving Division Layoffs Have Been Confirmed

For a couple of years now, it hasn’t really been much of a secret that Apple could be working on a self-driving car, or at least tech that could help self-driving cars. More recently it was suggested that due to poor iPhone sales, Apple’s budget for other projects was reduced and that they could be looking to scrap or scale back its self-driving car program.

Tesla To Get All Self-Driving Car Features By End Of The Year

Tesla has avoided marketing its autopilot feature as a self-driving car feature, but it seems that could change in the near future. Speaking on a podcast with Cathie Wood and Tasha Keeney of ARK Invest, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk mentioned that his company’s cars are expected to get all the self-driving features by the end of the year.

Canadian Government Invests $40 Million Into BlackBerry For Autonomous Cars

It’s not hard to imagine that in the future, self-driving cars will become the norm. This isn’t a surprising development as self-driving cars will most likely lead to safer roads as cars will (mostly) be driven at uniform speeds, and will probably have quicker reaction times compared to human drivers who can sometimes be distracted.

Waymo May Work On Self-Driving Cars With Renault-Nissan

Waymo has already worked with the likes of Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar Land Rover on self-driving cars and is now said to be in talks about a potential partnership with the powerful Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. According to reports Waymo, a division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is in the “final phase” of talks with this alliance for a partnership on self-driving cars.

University Of Toronto Now Offering A Course On Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars appear to be the way of the future, and even if they are not, teaching a vehicle on how to be autonomous, look out for obstacles, and navigate its way around certainly has a number of possibilities attached to it. It seems like a field that could expand in the future, so much so that the University of Toronto has decided to start offering a course on self-driving […]

Apple Employee Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Apple’s Self-Driving Car Secrets

Apple’s self-driving car project has remained a mystery for years ever since it was revealed that the company was working on it. This is because Apple has not really talked much about it, and also the company is notorious for being very secretive with their projects. However it seems that the company’s secrets almost got leaked by an industry spy.

Apple’s Project Titan Might Have Been Researching A Smart Seatbelt

Usually the people sitting in the front of the car are the ones who get to control the car’s infotainment system. However it appears that Apple could have been exploring an idea of allowing passengers at the back to control the system as well, which according to a patent seems to suggest the involvement of a smart seatbelt system.

Alps Alpine Next-Gen Driving Experience

As cars become more packed with sensors, computers, and connectivity, the possibilities to enhance the driver’s experience expand exponentially. Alps Alpine looks at how future components and technologies can change the driver experience from end to end.

Microsoft And MIT’s Model Can Spot AI Blind Spots In Autonomous Cars

Autonomous or self-driving cars can sometimes make mistakes. It all comes down to whether the AI that’s powering the self-driving system has trained enough to handle a particular situation on the road. Since these gaps in knowledge can result in dangerous mistakes from cars that drive themselves, Microsoft and MIT have come up with a solution to essentially fill in these gaps and detect the artificial intelligence blind spots in […]