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Tesla Launches Its Full Self-Driving Subscription Plan For $199 A Month
It might still be a while before we can expect to see full self-driving cars hit the road, but if you’re the owner of a Tesla vehicle, you can get pretty close to that reality if you’re willing to pay for it. This is because Tesla has announced its new Full Self-Driving  subscription package which will give Tesla owners the chance to experience a self-driving car.

Tesla Has Started Shipping Cars Without Radar Sensors
One of the methods that carmakers have been using to build self-driving cars would be to include the use of radar sensors. This is used to help detect things like objects that could be in front of the car so that it knows what to do, like slow down, stop, drive around it, and so on, but for Tesla, they will no longer be using it.

Waymo’s Self-Driving Taxi Was Defeated By Traffic Cones
If there ever was a good example of how much work self-driving technology still needs before it becomes mainstream, it would be a recent story of how one of Waymo’s self-driving taxis got confused by traffic cones. Thankfully in this case, there were no injuries and it was actually kind of funny.

Tesla Driver Arrested After Being Found Riding Backseat While The Driver Seat Was Empty
Tesla’s Autopilot mode is genuinely impressive for a piece of tech that is commercially available, but we wouldn’t go as far as calling Tesla’s cars fully self-driving just yet. However, not all of Tesla’s owners agree, because according to a statement by the California Highway Patrol, they have arrested a 25-year old man for riding in the backseat of his Tesla while the driver seat was empty.


UK Government Could Allow ‘Basic’ Self-Driving Cars On The Roads By End Of 2021
A lot of carmakers around the world are working on self-driving cars and the technology behind  it. Heck, if the rumors are to be believed, Apple could also be doing something behind the scenes. However, we expect that it might be years before self-driving cars become road legal, but that might not be the case for the UK.

Toyota Just Bought Lyft’s Self-Driving Division For $550 Million
Right now, various companies are working on developing self-driving car technology, but they are mostly working separate from each other. This means that whatever advantage a company can get to get ahead in terms of development is being taken, and Toyota just gave themselves a huge boost.

Autopilot Could Have Played A Role In Fatal Tesla Accident
Tesla has long stated that its Autopilot feature is not meant to be taken as a self-driving feature, but yet people seem more than willing to put it to the test all the same. There are built-in mechanisms and features to ensure the driver keeps their hands on the wheel, but sometimes accidents can happen too quickly.

Police Pull Over A Drunk Driver, Turns Out To Be A Self-Driving Car
In order to make self-driving cars work, these cars usually come with a host of sensors and cameras that attempt to “see” the road, analyze it, look out for obstacles, and so on. This is what helps self-driving cars stay in their lane and avoid getting into accidents. However, the tech is far from perfect yet, which is why in some cases, self-driving cars can behave a bit erratically.

Customers In Houston Can Look Forward To Automated Domino’s Pizza Deliveries
When it comes to food delivery, we have always relied on people to make those deliveries. However, over in Houston, it seems that if you plan on ordering a pizza from Domino’s, you might be able to look forward to your pizza being delivered by a driverless car. This is thanks to a collaboration between the pizza company and Nuro.

Apple’s Self-Driving Cars Have Doubled Their Mileage In 2020
Apple’s plans for their own electric, self-driving car has to be one of the worst-kept secrets of the tech industry, and a recent report from the California DMV only serves to suggest that Apple is most definitely ramping up their efforts in their testing as the agency claims that Apple’s self-driving cars have logged twice the mileage in 2020 compared to that of 2019.

Hyundai Confirms Talks With Apple For The ‘Apple Car’ Have Ended
The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of Apple Car-related news and rumors, with reports claiming that Hyundai and Apple were in talks to build the company’s rumored “Apple Car”. However, on Friday it was reported that those talks were put on hold and now according to a new report from Bloomberg, those talks have since come to an end.

Apple And Hyundai Talks Over The Apple Car Have Been Put On Hold
Apple’s plans for their own car have been kind of an open secret. While the company has never quite normally acknowledged their plans, all their various hires have certainly suggested as such. This is why it was surprising when Hyundai actually kind of confirmed that they were in talks with Apple to help them build their car.

The Apple Car Has Been Designed Not To Have A Driver
Many car makers and tech companies are working on self-driving cars that will do away with the need for a driver. So far, things have been progressing somewhat steadily and nicely, but we are far from a future where we can hop in a car without a driver and it takes us where we need to go.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta Makes It From SF To LA With (Almost) No Help
While it might be a while before we see fully autonomous cars become mainstream, Tesla’s efforts are certainly evidence that we are progressing rather nicely. This is thanks to Whole Mars Catalog who recently shared a video on YouTube where they put Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta feature to the test somewhat successfully.

Volkswagen’s CEO Is ‘Looking Forward’ To Apple’s Own Car
While we have heard rumors about Apple making their own car in the past, recently the project was put under the spotlight again when it was suggested that it could debut in the next 4-5 years. So much so that when asked on LinkedIn about such a car, Volkswagen’s CEO replied by saying that they are looking forward to the competition.

Toyota Unveils Their e-Palette Self-Driving Shuttles
One of the benefits of having a computer take the reins during a drive is that it has the potential to be more efficient, so imagine if an entire city were to take advantage of self-driving shuttles that can quickly and more nimbly ferry passengers around. This is the concept behind Toyota’s e-Palette electric autonomous shuttles.

Apple Car With ‘Breakthrough Battery’ Could Arrive In 2024
It has been rumored for a while that Apple could be working on a car of their own, and a more recent report suggested that the car could actually be launched in 2024. Now according to a new report from Reuters, they have “confirmed” the previous report and added a claim that the car will come with a “breakthrough battery”.

Lyft’s Driverless Cars Will Be Rolling Out To More US Cities In 2023
Self-driving cars seem like something that we can look forward to in the future. There is a lot of potential behind the technology, such as the potential to reduce accidents as computers should have faster reaction times than us, which means that avoiding obstacles and anticipating other drivers around us should be better.

Walmart Will Expand Its Driverless Truck Program In 2021
Right now, pretty much all delivery trucks are driven by humans. The problem with this setup is that humans need rest, they can make mistakes, they can be delayed, and so on. All of this means that sometimes when you order something, it might not necessarily arrive in a timely manner.

Honda Wants To Be The First To Mass Produce Level 3 Self-Driving Cars
Autonomous or self-driving cars appear to be something we can look forward to in the future, but in case you didn’t know, there are actually different levels to autonomy. For the most part, a lot of self-driving cars being developed today and are on the streets, like those made by Tesla, are considered a level 2.