Over the years with the release of every expansion, Blizzard has made technical improvements to World of Warcraft, where they have tried to update the textures and character models as much as possible. However for the most part, the changes have mostly been to models that are frequently used or seen, but the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion will change that.


In a post on Wowhead, it appears that Blizzard will be updating the models for a bunch of creatures in the game. Some of them don’t appear to be significant, like crabs, cats, and turtles, but some of them might be monsters you come across. However regardless of how significant/insignificant they are, it seems that Blizzard is paying attention to all of them, which should overall impact the quality of the game.

With World of Warcraft being more than 10 years old now, it is amongst some of the longer-running MMORPGs in existence today, so we guess Blizzard can be forgiven if some parts of the game does look dated compared to some of the newer games today, or even compared to Overwatch which is Blizzard’s latest IP.

The Battle for Azeroth expansion has yet to receive a release date, but judging by past releases, it is possible that it could be released later this year.

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