ASUS is a company known for their laptops, both for personal and gaming purposes. However it seems that ASUS plans to take that gaming experience and apply to a smartphone, or at least that’s what’s been implied by the company’s CEO Jerry Shen during an interview at the opening of Asus Philippines’ 100th store.

According to the interview reported by (via Android Authority), Shen was quoted as saying that it can be expected that ASUS will release a smartphone designed for gaming. A release date or specifics of said device was not mentioned, which means that we’ll probably have to practice a bit of patience until then.

This news isn’t particularly surprising because like we said, ASUS has experience releasing gaming-specific products in the past, such as laptops, so applying that experience to smartphones doesn’t really come as a shock. There also appears to be a growing trend of gaming-focused smartphones, like the Razer Phone and the Xiaomi-backed Black Shark that was recently launched.

We’re not sure if there is really a need for a gaming smartphone since for the most part, they use the same high-end hardware as flagship phones. It is unclear if this is a trend that is expected to stay or if it could end up like glasses-free 3D phones which sounds cool on paper, but in practice perhaps less useful than imagined.

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