Google Maps Uses Landmarks To Provide More Natural Driving Directions

Google Maps as it is gives pretty good directions, but it seems that Google has recently rolled out an update that will make it even better. With this update, it seems that Google Maps will now rely on landmarks to give users more natural driving directions, one that you might expect if you were seated next to someone in the car.

Right now the way Google Maps gives directions is straightforward where it will tell you to turn left, right, going straight, and so on. It is a bit mechanical but in the update, Google will use names of landmarks. For example one user discovered that Google told her to “turn right after Burger King” which is admittedly more straightforward and obvious since drivers will now know what to look out for.

It is unclear if this feature is available to all users or if it is simply a new feature that Google is testing. Also it is unclear if this could be Google’s way of trying to court more advertisers, where should a landmark be along the route that the user is driving on, companies could pay Google to announce it, although we can imagine that might be a bit distracting. Either way for now it does seem like a rather neat update so do keep an eye out for it if you are using Google Maps.

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