Ahead of the reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, there was a rumor that said that the game might be dropping its single-player campaign in favor of a battle royale mode. It was an interesting rumor considering that about 6 years ago, Treyarch studio chief Mark Lamia told Kotaku about the importance of single-player campaigns.


Unfortunately for those who have enjoyed the campaigns in previous Black Ops games, it looks like campaigns are coming to an end, at least as far as Black Ops 4 is concerned. This was confirmed during the game’s official reveal and for those wondering why, Dan Bunting who is the co-head at Treyarch offered an explanation why to the folks at Polygon.

According to Bunting, it seems that a campaign was never really on their radar. “When we set out to make this game, we never started with the idea that we would make a traditional campaign. That was just not part of our plan. We started from a place that we were gonna make a game that across the board can be playable with friends. That’s been our mission from day one.”

He also goes on to state the obvious, which is that over the years more and more players have started to play competitive multiplayer, so it’s only natural that Treyarch would want to focus on that front. “If you look at it through that lens, and trying to deliver more for your players and how you’re playing the game, it’s a pretty easy decision. I realize it’s also a challenging decision for other reasons. But we’ve never been ones to shy away from a challenge.”

Will this be a deal-breaker for some gamers? We suppose that’s a possibility, but Treyarch has also announced a new “Blackout” battle royale mode that looks pretty epic, so maybe that could make up for it.

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