Amazon launched its Prime video game discount program back in January 2016. It offered Prime members up to 20 percent off when they pre-ordered a new game. Amazon has now taken away this incentive from members of its subscription service and replaced it with a new $10 credit program instead.


Starting August 28th, Amazon Prime members will no longer be able to get up to 20 percent off on new game pre-orders. The company will offer than a $10 credit with a pre-order instead but there’s a catch. This credit will only be available for select titles and will take up to 35 days to arrive.

Once Prime members activate their credit, they will have 60 days to use that money to purchase anything else on Amazon. Naturally, gamers who preferred the previous program would not be happy with this. Amazon isn’t the only retailer to do away with a discount program on pre-orders.

Best Buy had a similar 20 percent discount program for pre-orders called Gamers Club. The retailer has since replaced it with a $10 credit system as well. Amazon is going down the same route.

Prime members will no longer be able to save $12 off of a typical $60 new game. Amazon initially allowed members to get 20 percent off new game purchases within two weeks of the title’s release but it restricted the incentive to pre-orders last year.

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