One of the fun aspects of online multiplayer games like Call of Duty is the plethora of maps that players get to choose from. Since different maps offer up different strategies and play styles, it helps to keep things interesting. Unfortunately for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, it seems that the number of maps available at launch might be a tad limited.

According to a report from MP1st, it seems that the game will only launch with 11 maps. However like we said in the title of the article, there will only be 7 new maps at launch. This is because four of the maps in the game will be remade from older maps, which means that they aren’t actually “new” per se, meaning that out of the 11 maps, only 7 will be completely brand new.

The 7 new maps include Arsenal, Contraband, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Payload, and Seas Side. The four remade maps include Firing Range, Jungle, Slums, and Summit. As MP1st points out, this is a bit disappointing especially since Activision had decided to drop the single-player campaign from the game entirely, meaning that a lot of the game’s success rests purely on what multiplayer can bring to the table.

Of course we expect that more maps will be offered later on, but for now it seems that there won’t be too many to choose from.

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