First Honor 5G Phone Release Confirmed For 2019

5G phones will be all the rage next year as cellular networks across the globe flip the switch on their next-generation networks. Manufacturers are gradually confirming if they will be releasing 5G devices in the coming year. Huawei’s Honor sub-brand has now confirmed that the first Honor 5G phone will indeed be released in 2019.

This confirmation comes from George Zhao, President of Honor. Speaking at the World INS Conference 2018 held in Beijing, he revealed that Honor’s first 5G smartphone is going to be released next year.

Huawei is obviously going to be releasing a 5G smartphone of its own in 2019 but the official press release suggests that the sub-brand’s 5G phone might arrive before Huawei’s does. The company says that the launch will enable Honor to become a “top-five smartphone brand” by 2020 and take its place in the top three by 2022.

Zhao did not reveal any information about the device itself so it’s unclear if the company’s first 5G phone will be an updated iteration of an existing model or a new handset entirely. Nothing can be said about the handset’s specs as well at this point in time. Given that Honor is a sub-brand that offers affordably priced devices, one can hope that its first 5G phone will be priced as such to bring 5G to the masses.

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