Verizon’s ‘5G Home’ Won’t Expand Until Second Half Of 2019

Last year carriers began rolling out “5G” for homes. Verizon was one of those carriers where they started to offer users “5G”, although technically it was not 5G, at least not according to the standards. Verizon did state that they would be upgrading them to standards-based 5G when the hardware became available, but now it seems it won’t be anytime soon.

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Could Get A 5G Variant In Korea

We know that Samsung is working on a 5G smartphone with the various carriers in the US, but whether or not this smartphone will be a variant of the Galaxy S10 remains to be seen. However it seems that whether or not it will be a standalone handset or a variant of the Galaxy S10, a report from SamMobile has revealed that the company’s foldable smartphone could be getting 5G […]

LG Confirms Its 5G Smartphone Will Be Unveiled At MWC 2019

We know that many smartphone makers plan on launching a 5G smartphone this year, and if you’re a fan of LG’s products, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has confirmed that come MWC 2019, they will be taking the wraps off its 5G smartphone, although whether or not this will be the LG G8 or a standalone device remains to be seen.

First 5G Remote Surgery Completed In China

We’re going to be hearing a lot about 5G this year. It’s one of the buzzwords for 2019. Major carriers in countries like the United States and South Korea will be opening up their consumer 5G networks as mobile manufacturers launch compatible devices. The next-generation network technology is also being used in other applications. It was used for successfully completing the first 5G remote surgery in China.


Verizon Has $1 Million In Seed Money For The Best 5G Ideas

5G can be easily viewed as the next-generation in mobile connectivity, and it can also just as easily be simply thought of as just “faster internet”, but could there be more to 5G than we think? We know that Disney and Verizon are working together to figure out what 5G could be used for, and it looks like Verizon wants your help.

Apple’s 5G iPhones Might Source Modems From Samsung Or MediaTek

While many other handset makers are expected to launch a 5G smartphone this year, Apple is expected to hold off until 2020. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that we might be able to expect Apple’s 5G iPhones to source modems from either Samsung or MediaTek, and this is straight from Apple’s mouth.

HTC’s 5G Smartphone Not Expected Until Second Half Of 2019

Many companies are expected to launch 5G smartphones in 2019. We’ve heard reports that Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus all have plans to launch such devices. Now it seems that HTC could also be looking to launch a 5G smartphone, but unfortunately we might not be able to expect it anytime soon.

Disney And Verizon To Explore How 5G Can Be Used For Entertainment

5G will represent the next generation in mobile internet connectivity. However it seems that some of the advantages offered up by 5G could mean much more than simply faster internet speeds on our phones. In fact some are already starting to use 5G in place of WiFi, with some companies also creating routers with 5G support.

AT&T Aiming For Nationwide 5G Coverage In 2020

As is usually the case when it comes to the roll out of new technologies, it will take a while before we start seeing it in more places. This was the case when LTE was initially rolled out where it took a while before it blanketed the entire US market. The same is expected for 5G, although AT&T is hoping that it will be faster as they aim for nationwide […]

Samsung’s ‘Bolt’ Device For Verizon Is Actually A 5G Mobile Hotspot

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that there was a device codenamed “Bolt” made by Samsung. It was speculated that this could be the 5G smartphone that Samsung is making for Verizon, but as it turns out maybe it wasn’t 100% accurate. In fact what “Bolt” appears to be is a mobile hotspot device.

AT&T’s Faux 5G Icon Has Begun Rolling Out To Some Devices

A few weeks ago, AT&T announced that they will soon start display a “5G E” symbol on LTE-enabled handsets. Now according to various reports, it seems that AT&T’s promised roll out of the symbol has already begun, where it has started showing up on handsets like the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

D-Link Unveils New Router With Support For 5G

5G will be the next major trend in mobile. 2019 is also expected to be the year that we start seeing carriers begin rolling out 5G networks, and also for smartphones to start supporting it as well. In fact some think that 5G is such a major upgrade that it has been suggested that companies might start to choose to adopt 5G over WiFi in their factories.

LG 5G Phone May Debut As A New Series

Major smartphone manufacturers are due to launch their first 5G smartphones in 2019. LG is expected to make a similar announcement at the Mobile World Congress in February. It was previously believed that its first 5G handset might be launched as the LG G8. However, a new report claims that the device will be launched as a new series instead.

Samsung’s 5G Smartphone For Verizon Is Codenamed ‘Bolt’

We know that Verizon and Samsung are working on a 5G smartphone together, that much is obvious given that the official announcement was made earlier this month. However thanks to the folks at XDA, it appears that Verizon’s 5G smartphone with Samsung’s codename might have been revealed to be “Bolt”.