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BlackBerry’s 5G Smartphone With A Physical Keyboard Is Still In The Works
Back in August last year, BlackBerry announced a partnership with OnwardMobility in which they would be launching a 5G smartphone with BlackBerry’s traditional physical keyboard. It’s been almost a year since the announcement and if you totally forgot about it, we can’t say we blame you.

HMD Global Launches The Nokia XR20, A Rugged 5G Smartphone
A few years ago, 5G smartphones were almost exclusively high-end flagships, but as the technology becomes more accessible, we are starting to see how 5G is being brought to lower-end devices. In fact, HMD Global has recently announced a new 5G smartphone in the form of the Nokia XR20.

A True Noka 5G Flagship Phone Could Launch Later This Year
HMD Global has been releasing a steady stream of Nokia branded smartphones for the past few years. For the most part they are low to mid-range devices that aren’t particularly exciting. However, if you’re still a true Nokia fan at heart and you’re hoping to see something new and exciting, your wish could be granted this year.

2022 iPhone SE Will Come With Support For 5G
In 2020, Apple launched the iPhone SE which is basically the company’s attempt at creating a “budget” iPhone. It was a rather basic iPhone with a design that mimicked the iPhone 8, so for those who didn’t really need to have all the latest or greatest hardware, it got the job done just fine.


New Report Suggests That Apple Is Leading The Market For 5G Smartphones
When Android handset makers were busy churning out 5G handsets a year ahead of Apple, many were wondering if Apple’s decision to come to the party late would have a negative impact. It turns out that it didn’t matter because according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, Apple is currently not just leading, but dominating the 5G smartphone market.

iPhone 13 With mmWave 5G Could Launch In More Countries
As it stands, there are two standards when it comes to 5G – mmWave and sub-6GHz. The iPhone 12 is Apple’s first iPhone to support 5G, but it is only in the US where it supports mmWave, while other countries that the iPhone 12 is available in can only use sub-6GHz, but that could change with its predecessor.

Poco M3 Pro 5G Announced With A Very Affordable Price Tag
Usually when we think of 5G smartphones, we think of high-end flagships. For the most part, you wouldn’t be wrong, but in case you’re after a 5G smartphone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then you might be interested in checking out the new Poco M3 Pro 5G, a 5G smartphone that doesn’t break the bank.

Apple’s In-House 5G Modem Will Probably Arrive 2023 At The Earliest
A few years ago, Apple spent an eye-watering $1 billion acquiring Intel’s modem business. Presumably the idea was that Apple would leverage the tech and work that Intel has done and eventually start making their own 5G modems for future iPhones, iPads, and maybe even MacBook laptops.

HTC Reportedly Planning To Launch New 5G Smartphones This Year
On the smartphone front, HTC has been kind of quiet. The company hasn’t fully exited the market yet, and it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon either. This is according to a new report from DigiTimes who claims that HTC is apparently planning to return to the smartphone market later this year with new 5G phones.

Google Officially Announces The Pixel 5a 5G In The Most Unfun Way Possible
There have been rumors suggesting that Google could be working on a Pixel 5a 5G handset, and now it looks like those rumors have been confirmed at Google has officially announced the handset, although they did it in the most unfun way possible and without any fanfare, although we suppose they can’t be blamed.

Apple’s Acquisition Of Intel’s Modem Business Might Only Bear Fruit In 2023
With Apple acquiring Intel’s modem business back in 2019, it was widely expected that this would eventually result in Apple developing their own 5G modems that they would then use in their iPhones (or maybe even 5G capable MacBooks). However, it seems that Apple’s acquisition might only start bearing fruit in 2023.

MediaTek Helio M80 5G Modem Gets mmWave Capability
The MediaTek M80 is the first modem from the company to support 5G’s mmWave frequencies that provide the highest speeds, like 7.67 Gbps, the maximum theoretical speed for this modem (3.76 upload).Its predecessor, the MediaTek M70, only supported Sub-6 frequencies, which is the most common type of 5G available in the USA. By nature, Sub-6 5G lends itself to having much broader territorial coverage. Still, mmWave provides much higher peak […]

Qualcomm X65 5G Modem Hits 10Gbps
Qualcomm has announced the Qualcomm X65, a next-generation 5G modem that can reach a theoretical speed of 10 Gbps, a first in the 5G industry.

iOS 14.5 Will Finally Enable 5G Dual SIM Support On The iPhone
Similar to some of Apple’s more recent iPhones, the iPhone 12 lineup comes with dual SIM support. However, early on it was discovered that dual SIM support did not extend to 5G. This meant that if you wanted to use 5G, users would have to disable one of the SIM card slots, which was kind of annoying and limiting.

Verizon Launches 5G mmWave Prepaid Plans For The iPhone 12
For those who might be unfamiliar, 5G is not equal. There currently exists two types of 5G – sub-6GHz and mmWave. The former offers wider coverage, while the latter has a shorter range but offers faster speeds. For those who might happen to live in urban areas that are within mmWave range, you might be interested in Verizon’s latest plans.

5G Capable MacBook In The Works, But Don’t Expect To See It So Soon
With our smartphones and tablets being able to connect to the internet using cellular connectivity, we actually have to wonder why such a feature isn’t as widely-available in laptops. There are cellular-capable laptops, but oddly enough, they aren’t as common as one might think even though the benefits of such devices are pretty obvious.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G Is An Affordable 5G Smartphone
5G smartphones are typically associated with higher-end, flagship models, which means that usually, it’s out of the reach for customers who can’t afford or don’t want to pay a premium just for 5G. However, Xiaomi has since announced a new smartphone in the form of the Redmi Note 9T 5G.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 480 Will Make 5G Smartphones More Affordable
Right now, 5G is mostly limited to high-end flagship handsets. There are some mid-rangers, thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 700-series, but what about the low-end market? What about those who can’t afford flagships or even mid-rangers? Qualcomm wants to cover that market as well and has since announced the Snapdragon 480.

iPhone 13 Could See More Models Adopt mmWave 5G Technology
In case you weren’t aware, not all 5G is equal. This is because depending on the antennas in your smartphone, you might be connected to either mmWave 5G or sub-6GHz 5G. The former offers faster speeds compared to sub-6GHz, but have a shorter range, while the latter offers wider coverage but at the cost of speed.

As Many As 159 Base Stations Were Destroyed In The UK Over 5G Conspiracy Theories
5G is set to become the next standard in mobile connectivity and it’s something that many people around the world are waiting for. However, at the same time, there are also conspiracy theories floating about that suggests that 5G is causing health problems, where some believe that the radio waves emitted from 5G cell towers is somehow causing the coronavirus.