Add Apple to the list of companies working on their own game streaming services. A new report claims that the Cupertino, California company is in talks with game developers about a streaming service. Companies like Microsoft have already confirmed their intentions to launch such a service while others like Sony already have them up and running.

Cheddar reports that Apple is thinking about launching its very own game streaming service. It’s unclear at this point in time which platforms the service will support, what games it might offer, and what the price point could be.

The possibility exists that Apple might scrap the service before it takes off if it doesn’t end up making sense. The report adds that Apple has discussed acting as a publisher with developers for their games, taking the lead on distribution and marketing for some games.

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed or denied anything at this point in time so take this report with a grain of salt. However, it won’t surprise anyone if the company does go ahead with this service. It has been making major investments in its services division over the past few years and this would be a logical step to take going forward.

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