The upcoming macOS 10.15 update appears to be a feature-packed one from all of the reports that we have seen so far. A new report claims that Apple is going to add a handful of iOS features to the update, features like Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and more. Apple is due to unveil macOS 10.15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June this year.


9to5mac reports Apple will bring the Siri Shortcuts feature to macOS 10.15 and this will likely include the Shortcuts app as well. This feature enables users to create custom voice commands for Siri which can perform actions in a particular app. The different actions can also be chained together with each Shortcut having multiple apps as well.

While the Shortcuts feature may be available on macOS, it may only work in apps that Apple has brought over from iOS to the platform, such as Apple News and Home. Apple is expected to bring over more apps down the line.

The Screen Time feature on iOS lets users see the amount of time they have spent on their device and individual apps throughout the day. The app also lets them set usage limits. Apple is said to expand this functionality to macOS with the upcoming release.

Apple won’t be sharing anything about macOS 10.15 prior to the official event but it’s certainly shaping up to be quite a feature-packed macOS release.

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