Following reports that the next major iteration of Android OS won’t have support for scrolling screenshots, it appears that this feature has been added to the docket for the one after that. Scrolling screenshots were recently marked as “infeasible” in the Android issue tracker but that decision has now been overruled, paving the way for stock Android to have this feature as well.

The scrolling screenshot feature is quite handy when you’re trying to screenshot all of the content on a page since it can capture more than just one full screen. The screenshot simply scrolls down and captures additional content. OEMs like Samsung have already built this functionality into their custom Android skins. Unfortunately, scrolling screenshots have never been a native Android feature.

Google’s vice president of engineering for Android Dave Burke has reportedly overruled the issue tracker decision and has said that this feature is now on “the hopper for Android R.” He added that hopefully, this feature will be included in that major Android OS release.

The company will be rolling out Android Q later this year and this feature won’t be natively present in the upcoming release. Android R isn’t going to arrive before 2020 so despite the confirmation that Google is now thinking about adding this functionality, it won’t be arriving any time soon.

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