Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMORPG is one of the longest-running MMOs around at the moment, with its success being one of the things that many other MMOs have been trying to emulate. However, many years ago, we had heard that a potential sequel was in the works dubbed “Titan”, but that did not realize. Instead, “Titan” was scrapped and repurposed which ultimately became Overwatch.

However, the question is why did Blizzard cancel “Titan”? Speaking at GameLab in Barcelona, Blizzard’s ex-boss Mike Morhaime revealed why the company ultimately decided to cancel the game. “We’ve tried really hard not to announce any games that weren’t ready to be announced, or we weren’t sure that we were going to release them.”

Morhaime added that as development progressed, they got too ambitious and failed to control the scope of the game. “Titan is an exception to that where we wanted it to be our next generation, our sequel to sort of World of Warcraft. We took a lot of our senior developers and put them on this project. And I think where we really failed was we failed to control scope. It was very ambitious.”

We’re not sure if Blizzard still has plans to create a sequel to World of Warcraft because while the game is still pretty popular, it is starting to look rather dated.

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