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With the battle royale craze and smartphones getting more powerful, developers are trying to bring more games to the mobile platform.

You must be knowing about games like PUBG or Fortnite – which are already available for smartphones with millions of players worldwide.

Now, a much anticipated mobile game – “Call Of Duty” made its debut on the Play Store and the App Store as well. In case you did not know, Call Of Duty is a quite popular game for PC/console players (with a series of games available for years).

Unlike PUBG and Fortnite, Call Of Duty on PC/console has seen a huge fan following for almost a decade or more. So, this makes it big news for the players who once enjoyed the original COD and for the ones who are into mobile games in general.

Personally, I enjoyed it a lot (and I am not a fan of mobile games). Similarly, we noticed a lot of positive impressions on the mobile game.

The game offers a 100 player battle royale mode and a 5v5 team deathmatch mode. It looks like it has been aimed at the competitive scene of mobile gaming. The visuals are quite good and it lets you play multiple maps in-game.

It did have some connectivity issues after launch – however, it has been fixed now and the game works perfectly fine. You can download it from the Play Store and App Store now.

What do you think about being able to play Call Of Duty on the go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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