apple research

Apple launched a new Research app in partnership with leading academic and research institutions. Now, with the Apple Research app you get to access different types of health studies.


You can check out the available health studies and also contribute to the groundbreaking discoveries by simply sharing your health data using your iPhone and Apple Watch.

It is indeed an interesting way to contribute to medical research without actually going anywhere. You just have to interact with your iPhone and Apple Watch for your health data to share it.

The research app focuses on three important health studies – Women’s Health Study, Heart & Movement Study, and the Apple Hearing Study.

Apple Women’s Health study will focus on how the menstrual cycle relates to women’s health and understand it better. The data will help in assessing various health conditions related to the menstrual cycle.

Next, the Apple Heart & Movement study will analyze the quality of the user’s movement and early signs of heart disease. This study basically aims to promote healthy movement and cardiovascular health.

And, the Apple Hearing study will focus on the impact of sound exposure on hearing health and stress levels. Even though you may not be aware – this is also an important area to take care of.

You can get more details on what Apple plans to do with the research app in their official announcement post.

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