Camera lenses are delicate things due to their construction, where what determines the quality and performance of a lens is in its choice and use of glass. This is why camera lenses should be handled with care, but unfortunately for photographer Greg Reigler, it seems that not everyone shares that philosophy.


In a video shared on YouTube, Reigler posted a clip where it appeared that a FedEx delivery driver decided that instead of walking a few extra steps to place the package on the ground, he tossed it. What makes this particularly painful to watch is that the package contained a $1,500 Canon camera lens which is by no means cheap.

In a post on Reddit, Reigler claims that after reviewing the footage, he got in touch with FedEx and found out that the person who tossed the package was a contractor and was also in training.“It’s a contractor, and the guy tossing the box seems to be training, which is crazy he already doesn’t care about his job.”

However, the good news is that it seems that despite the carelessness involved in handling the package, the lens survived the drop and seemed to be just fine. “Opened the box and inspected the lens in front of the camera after receiving, everything appears fine! I assumed it should be packed well enough to handle stuff like this, but it shouldn’t be intentionally mishandled like that.”

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