Due to the way laptops are designed, which are typically created to be light and portable, certain compromises had to be made, such as in terms of its cooling. This is versus desktop computers where due to their size, it allows for better ventilation and cooling. However, future Intel-powered laptops could solve thermal issues.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Intel is rumored to be planning on announcing a new thermal module design where it could potentially allow for better heat dissipation. Apparently this new design is said to help heat dissipate better and enhance the process by as much as 25-30%, which is actually a pretty big deal.

As it stands, current thermal modules tend to be place between the keyboard exterior of the laptop and the bottom shell of the laptop. However, if the rumors are true, Intel’s design could replace this design with a vapor chamber and also use a graphite sheet behind the screen which could help boost the overall heat dissipation process.

It is believed that with this new design, it could allow laptop makers to create more fanless laptops and also ultimately reduce the overall size of their computers, making them more portable than ever. Hopefully we’ll have more details at CES 2020 where Intel could also potentially announce their new 10th gen desktop CPUs that offer up better multitasking capabilities.

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