When you play multiplayer games, one of the basic features of such games is that it will show you a win-lose/kill-death ratio. This lets you know how well you’re doing, how the rest of your team is doing, how much ahead the enemy is of you, and so on. This has been a basic feature since the good old days of Quake.

However, for whatever reason, the folks at Activision have decided that in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it seems that players who want to check their kill-death ratios in the game will have to unlock the feature for $20. This will come in the form of an in-game item called “Time to Die” which will be sold as part of the “Mother Russia” bundle that costs 2,000 COD Points, or $20.

Now, before you get up in arms over this decision, we should note that kill-death ratios for most modes in the game will still be shown. However, they will only be shown at the end of the round in a final scoreboard once the match has concluded, meaning that players will not be able to track their progress unless they purchase this item.

Instead, during the game, players will only be able to see their kill and assists, which isn’t always the most useful because a player with 10 kills to 30 deaths suggests that they might not be as proficient. We’re not sure if Activision will change their minds due to the backlash, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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