Our devices, especially those that use a lot of power, can get pretty hot from time to time. As a result, device makers have come up with various ways to deal with the heat, such as utilizing fans and heatsinks. However, sometimes those solutions aren’t always enough, which is what led JMAGG to create his own solution.

To combat heat issues, JMAGG has taken the Sony PS4 and modified it where he has outfitted it with a custom water cooling solution. Now, one of the drawbacks to a water cooling system, even for PCs, is that they tend to take up a lot more space compared to fans. However, the upside is that it allows users to cool specific areas that might need cooling, such as the CPU and the GPU, both which tend to work the hardest.

As a result, JMAGG’s PS4 is not your typical-looking PS4, but at the end of the day, it seems to run just fine and with the custom water cooling setup he has created, we imagine that it should help the console stay cool and maintain its optimal operating speeds. That being said, if you’re interested in creating one for yourself, know that it will not come cheap.

JMAGG notes that the entire setup costs about $1,000 to put together, plus it took him a fair bit of time (a few weeks). He also sacrificed the size and compactness of the PS4, but if space and cost isn’t an issue, perhaps this could be a project you might want to check out.

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