This week, we assess the mobile camera hardware strength of innovative phones like the LG Wing (which we are currently reviewing), the Infinix Zero 8, the powerful Xiaomi M10 Ultra camera, and more!

First, a few words about our mobile camera HardWare benchmark called Camera HW.

The score accurately ranks an unprecedented number of mobile camera systems (127 as of today) thanks to a proprietary algorithm that gauges the cameras’ potential based on their technical specifications.

The algorithm is sometimes tuned and adjusted with real-world image analysis from our image-based Camera IQ benchmark (IQ = Image Quality). We answer common questions in our Camera HW FAQ. The full list of cameras is at the bottom of the page.

New camera scores for Nov 5, 2020

Camera HW
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra 182
LG Wing 144
Infinix Zero 8 122
OnePlus 8T 122
OnePlus 8 120 (updated)
TCL 10 5G 108

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has this week’s most powerful camera hardware, with a quad-camera system in the rear. This camera system is an excellent example of what we would call “horizontal” camera strength.

Horizontal means there’s hardware support for all major use cases (Wide, Ultrawide, and Zoom). Other handsets are sometimes not as well balanced

The LG Wing’s (read our LG Wing overview) camera system is not as powerful despite the handset costing significantly more than the Mi 10 Ultra. There is no dedicated zoom lens, and the primary sensor size is not exceptional in this price range.

Note that LG Wing has a camera dedicated to stabilized video, and we currently do not take it into account as it does not impact the photography. Finally, note that the LG Wing’s value resides in its novel rotating display and unique user experience.

The Infinix Zero 8 camera system

The Infinix Zero 8 and the OnePlus 8T have a score of 122 for very different reasons, which is why our sub-scores are so useful. The Zero 8 has a better primary camera (7.2/10 vs. 6.3/10), but the OnePlus 8T has a noticeably better Ultrawide camera (4.1/10 vs. 2.3/10).


With a launch price of $250 (versus $750 for the OnePlus 8T), the Infinix Zero 8 camera has an excellent value. Neither have a dedicated zoom lens and depending on what you care the most about, the difference could be a sway factor.

Primary Ultrawide Zoom
Infinix Zero 8 7.2 2.3 N/A
OnePlus 8T 6.3 4.1 N/A

The Oneplus 8 has received a minor data update after examining the EXIF data from actual photos, resulting in a reduction of the score by ~2.5%.

Finally, the TCL 10 5G is one of the most affordable 5G handsets in the US market, and many people might want to check if its camera system is robust. With a Camera HW score of 108, it is close to something like a Samsung Galaxy A11 and is more about value than quality.

We have published two case studies of Apple vs. Samsung and Apple vs. Huawei using camera data from 2010 to 2020. Additionally, our iPhone 12 camera hardware analysis tells you what to expect from this new camera system(s).

If you missed our Oct 28 2020 camera score update with the Google Pixel 5 and 10 other camera systems, check it out!

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