This Group Of Students Came Up With A Way To Make Seawater Drinkable

Image credit – WaterPod

The majority of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, yet the amount of water that’s actually drinkable makes up a very small percentage of that. You might be thinking, why can’t we just drink water from the ocean? This is because of the high salt content, which is more than our body can handle.

However, it seems that a group of students Bennie Beh Hue May, Ash Yap Chun Yoon, and Elson Loo Xin Yang from Asia Pacific University KL, Malaysia have come up with an idea on how to make seawater drinkable, which might be useful and important for those living by the sea or sea nomads.

This comes in the form of a flotation device called the WaterPod. It features a salt-rejecting wick at the bottom that sits underwater. The water is then drawn in through the wick and transported onto a piece of black fabric placed on top of a semi-spherical aluminum plate. Relying on sunlight, the seawater will be evaporated from the fabric onto a dome cover.

Using the air surrounding the cover, it will cause it to condense and through the waves of the ocean, it will eventually shake the water droplets loose and drip into a storage chamber below. This water will now be drinkable. Right now the WaterPod exists as a concept, but the team is hoping to put it to the test.

According to the students, “Next step is to verify the effectiveness of WaterPod in terms of practicality and manufacturing issues. To push WaterPod further, we hope to obtain funding from any interested parties to allocate into further research and development.”

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