Remember when Apple decided that they wanted to eliminate almost all the ports on their laptops, which resulted in several MacBooks that only had a USB-C port? If you thought that was a bit extreme, then you might want to check out this mysterious laptop by a company called Craob.

On their website, they are advertising a new laptop called the Craob X which they claim is the world’s first laptop that does not have any ports. We can’t tell if the images on its website are renders or if they are photos of the real thing because if they are real and the product does indeed exist, it is kind of amazing.

According to the specs on the website, the laptop only weighs 1.9 pounds which is just under 1kg, and it also measures an incredible 7mm thin. So if there are no ports, how do people connect to it and charge it? Presumably, some peripherals like external keyboards and mice can connect via Bluetooth, but the laptop also features a charger that acts as a hub.

This charger attaches magnetically to the lid of the laptop and comes with a host of ports, which presumably can transmit data over the magnetic interface to the laptop. It’s a very unique and interesting design, but once again we can’t tell if this is a concept or a legit product. The company does state on its website that the laptop is “coming soon”, so we can’t wait to see what it might look like in real life.

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