PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for an extraordinary surprise with the latest lineup of complimentary games, encompassing a 2021 release acclaimed as a “true work of art.” Users on the Extra and Premium tiers can now delve into an impressive assemblage of games through PlayStation Plus. A recent proclamation unveiled an immense array of complimentary games exclusively for PlayStation Plus Extra users, proffering a combined playtime surpassing 650 hours.

Among the assortment, one game that instantaneously captures attention is It Takes Two, the recipient of the illustrious 2021 Game of the Year accolade. It Takes Two represents a cooperative platformer where two players collaborate harmoniously to decipher puzzles, overcome formidable adversaries, and explore meticulously crafted levels. Exhibiting elements reminiscent of Toy Story, Super Mario 64, and even a dash of Tekken, the game presents an unparalleled and captivating adventure.

What distinguishes It Takes Two is its demand for two players, culminating in an exceptional voyage. Even individuals who typically abstain from gaming can discover profound delight in partaking together. The anticipation of players on Reddit is palpable, with one expressing, “At long last, my tendency to postpone acquiring It Takes Two has proven beneficial.”

Another concurs, labeling it a “masterpiece” and extolling its exquisite gameplay, enthralling narrative, and stellar performances. Some have even embarked on multiple playthroughs, deeming it the paramount cooperative storytelling game.

Also included are The Ascent, Undertale, Dynasty Warriors 9, and more, all available on July 18th. (Image: PlaySation blog)

PlayStation Plus subscribers seeking solitary experiences can also relish an extensive array of options, encompassing 11 Assassin’s Creed games and several Far Cry titles. The selection caters to diverse preferences, guaranteeing an offering for every individual.

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