The iFlash helps you take photographs with your iPhone in the dark
We all know that the iPhone 4 features a flash to help you take photographs in the dark, but most of the time, the results you get aren’t what you expect. And if we jump back a generation, the 3G and 3GS don’t even have a flash. Well, that’s where the iFlash comes in. This handy little light plugs into the bottom of your iPhone and acts as a flashlight […]

iPhone 3GS gets High Dynamic Range capability
The iPhone 3GS might be feeling all blue and lonely simply because of the iPhone 4’s release some time back in the US (with other countries getting this phone shortly after), but there appears to be a new lease of life for it – in the form of High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability thrown into its camera functionality. HDR is already available on the iPhone 4 right out of the […]

iPhone 3GS Costs $179 To Build (iSuppli)
iSupply has done an analysis of the iPhone 3GS and estimates that the bill of material and the assembly cost about $179 (iPhone 3GS 16GB). That doesn’t take into account other things like marketing, shipping and R&D. The cost is very comparable to the iPhone 3G 8GB model that iSupply previously looked at , although one would believe that the component prices for that other model went down (a little) […]

iPhone 3GS: Prepare For a 3D Graphics Shock
Half-Life 2 on PC. The 3GS GPU has all the features required to do thisThe new iPhone CPU is getting a lot of buzz, and for sure, it will make the iPhone 3GS more responsive than its predecessors, but I think that most users will be “shocked” to see how powerful the iPhone 3GS is for 3D graphics. Obviously, you have seen the specifications: we’re going from a fixed-pipeline graphics […]


iPhone 3GS Has Twice the RAM (Confirmed)
Thanks to T-Mobile Netherlands, we now know for sure that Apple has effectively double the amount of memory in the iPhone 3GS. Some have speculated that it was likely a performance booster for the new phone in web benchmarks. The 600Mhz processor is also in the list of features, something that leaked out from China before WWDC. At Ubergizmo, we also believe that Apple improved the power leakage of the new […]

iPhone 3GS Announced
The “S” stands for Speed. It is touted to be the “most powerful, fastest iPhone ever made” – duh!, boasting a similar design to the iPhone 3G with a glossy back. Here are some benchmark figures – kicking off messaging will be more than twice as fast, while loading SimCity is 2.4x faster, and Excel spreadsheets, er, excel at 3.6x faster, and voracious readers can load NY Times 2.9x faster. […]