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A-DATA DashDrive Elite HE720: World’s thinnest external hard drive?
A-DATA claims that their recently introduced DashDrive Elite HE720 is also the world’s thinnest external hard drive, and I leave the commenting floor open to the rest of our dear readers to counter that claim or to further strengthen it. Well, one thing’s for sure though, the DashDrive Elite HE720 is definitely a thing of beauty from the moment you lay your eyes on it, where this USB 3.0 compatible […]

ADATA Wine Bottle USB flash drive
If you happen to stand atop the podium at a Grand Prix, or have managed to win the Tour de France without the help of drugs, then surely no one would deny you spraying some expensive bubbly all over the place. Well, as a programmer, your company’s funds for splurging might be a wee bit more limited, which is why you will have to make do with your imagination – […]

ADATA S107 USB flash drives are water and shock resistant
If you’re a careless person or you’re just looking for a sturdy USB drive that can handle being tossed around or dropped in water, ADATA has got the solution for you. The company has recently announced the launch of the S107 – an extra sturdy USB flash drive. Thanks to its unique silicone rubber exterior, the S107 USB flash drive is capable of surviving accidental falls, as well as taking […]

A-Data offers NBA 2010 flash drives for fans
For those of you who can’t get enough of basketball knowing that the NBA 2010 season is about to kick start, A-Data will be offering a new batch of 4GB USB flash drives that will come in custom jerseys of all seven top teams in the NBA. Among them would be Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul Pierce from Boston Celtics, Derrick Rose from Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant from […]


ADATA S007 military-spec USB flash drive
Is there a reason for ADATA naming their military-spec USB flash drive as the S007? Does this has something to do with James Bond, simply because just like the fictional super spy, this model is tough as nails and simply refuses to die? Not only is it waterproof, it is also shock-resistant while boasting a comfortable and slip-resistant grip as the first line of defense just in case you’re already […]

Speedy USB+eSATA Flash Drive From A-DATA
If you don’t have a USB 3.0 port on your notebook, your next best bet might be the eSATA port, which is still much faster than your standard USB 2.0 port. The folks over at A-DATA have now come up with the N909 flash drive that supports the USB 2.0 + eSATA combo port that’s commonly found on many modern notebooks. The benefit of the design used by A-DATA is […]

A-DATA SH93 Rugged Portable Hard Drive
If you’re fond of going out to the jungle, beach or any kind of terrain than your computer would find hostile, you’d most likely leave your fragile portable hard disk at home, probably for fear of dropping it into the river or something. A-DATA has recognized that fear and wants to tackle it with its SH93 rugged external hard drive, boasting a waterproof and shock resistant body. With its rubber-plastic […]

A-Data C903 USB Flash Drive
A-Data Technology recently rolled out their swivel-designed USB flash drive known as the C903, making it more convenient for users who loathe carrying a cap around with their USB flash drive, as you can’t get replacements from shops once it decides to perform a disappearing act. I’m rather skeptical of such a design though, as a similar looking USB flash drive that came with the Dell Adamo which is barely […]