Angry Birds Space Makes It Way Onto Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 users can finally get their hands on Rovio’s hugely popular Angry Birds Space game.

Angry Birds Space “Splash” Update Now Available

At the rate some gamers finish off their Angry Birds levels, developer Rovio must have a pretty trying time pushing out new levels on a constant basis. Well the good news is that if you’re already completed the latest Angry Birds Space update on your iOS or Android device, you might be interested to learn that a new update is already available. Called “Splash”, this update will introduce water levels […]

Angry Birds Space now available for Windows Phone 8

While Windows Phone might not necessarily be the platform developers pick as their first choice to develop apps for, there are still plenty of apps for users to choose from. Now if you were thinking of making the jump to Windows Phone but were worried about losing your Angry Birds fix, fret not as Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Space will now be available for Windows Phone 8 devices. […]

Angry Birds Space updated with 10 new levels

While we’re sure that some of you guys are eagerly waiting to see what Angry Birds Star Wars will be bringing to the table, perhaps you might want to satisfy your cravings by playing a little Angry Birds Space. If you’ve already completed the game and managed to nab the maximum number of stars or points for each level, you might be interested to learn that the game has been […]


Rovio launches free version of Angry Birds Space for iOS devices

iOS gamers, if you’ve been eyeing Angry Birds Space but weren’t willing to drop $0.99 for the game, you’re in luck as Rovio has announced that they will be releasing a free version of Angry Birds Space on the iTunes App Store. Before you get too excited, it should be noted that this free version is more like a shareware version of the game and you will only get to […]

Angry Birds Space Utopia update arrives on Android

About a week ago, we reported that Angry Birds Space received an update in the form of the Utopia episode. This basically brought about new levels to the Angry Birds Space game as a free update. Unfortunately at that time, the update appeared to be only for iOS and Rovio did promise that other platforms would follow suit in no time. Well the good news for Android users is that […]

Angry Birds Space updated with Utopia episode

It is safe to assume that many Angry Birds Space players have completed the game by now, with some of you guys even going back and attempting to 3-star all the levels. Well if you’re itching for more Angry Birds Space content, Rovio has officially announced the Utopia episode which will be available as an update for the app. The new update (previously hinted) will bring an additional 10 levels […]

Could Angry Birds Space Be Getting a Simpsons Related Planet Next?

If you are one of the millions who have the famous Rovio game Angry Birds on your phone, you would have heard of its latest installment to the franchise, Angry Birds Space. With regards to the game and its latest “Fry Me To The Moon” update, there seems to be a few rumors floating around the internet. As pictured above, right next to the “Fry Me to the Moon” updated […]

Angry Birds Space updated with additional levels for iOS and Android

Angry Birds is no doubt one heck of an addictive game which got a refreshing change in gameplay with the release of Angry Birds Space. Unless you’re the type that strives to achieve 3-stars for every level, there’s no doubt that you would have completed the game by now and you’re probably itching for additional content. Fret not as Rovio has heard your cries and has since released an update […]

Android Virus Lurking in Angry Birds Space Coveralls

If you have been thinking about downloading the latest installment of the successful Angry Birds franchise, by all means go ahead. Head on over to Google Play and you should be able to find it in no time since it’s one of the top apps available for free there. However, if you are thinking about using 3rd party app providers to get the Angry Birds Space game, you should be […]

Angry Birds Space appears briefly for the Blackberry Playbook before getting pulled

Back when Angry Birds space was announced a few weeks ago, both iOS and Android users rejoiced. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Windows Phone users. Like adding salt to injury, it would appear that Rovio passed on an Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone, and instead developed a version for the Blackberry Playbook instead. This was discovered by the folks over at CrackBerry and supposedly is pretty […]

Angry Birds Space passes 20 million download mark in a week

Angry Birds Space is definitely flying high – have seen more than 10 million downloads in a week, we now have word that the mobile game has seen our angry feathered friends move beyond the 20 million download mark in a week, across all platforms. No idea on the ratio between the paid and free versions, but either way, this is an extremely impressive figure which we are talking about. […]

Angry Bird slingshot mounted on the Seattle Space Needle

To commemorate the launch of Angry Birds Space yesterday, Rovio and T-Mobile teamed up to create the largest Angry Birds Space art installation in the world: a 300 foot tall slingshot and Angry Bird mounted on the Seattle Space Needle. While they didn’t actually launch a bird into space with the contraption, they held events centered around the iconic landmark. Folks were invited to try out the brand new game, […]

Angry Birds Space won’t be arriving on Windows Phone

Bad news for Windows Phone owners out there. Rovio’s latest game, Angry Birds Space, won’t be making its way over to the Microsoft platform anytime soon. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Rovio’s chief marketing officer mentioned that they have no plans to release Angry Birds Space on Windows Phone due to the fact that they would have to completely rewrite the app. Despite having the number one game […]