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Anki Overdrive Toy Cars Revealed
Toy cars have definitely improved in the right direction over the past few years, and what you get today right out of the box is a whole lot different from what was offered back in the past, where there were only four movable wheels, and if you were lucky, doors that could open up – manually, of course. Anki Drive’s redesigned toy racing cars will feature different software driven personalities […]

Anki Drive Prices Cut As Android Support Lands Next Month
Last year the Anki racing game was announced. The starter kit for this game contains a track and two toy cars that are backed by artificial intelligence so they don’t just go round and round the track, they actually have some pretty cool tricks up their sleeves. The companion app can be used to control the cars and use weapons against opponents on the track. Today it has been announced that […]

Anki DRIVE Brings Video Game Experience To The Real World
We do see the transition from the real world to the digital world – with games such as Second Life as well as EA’s The Sims, giving some of us a form of escapism along the way. How about turning the tables? This is what the folks behind the Anki DRIVE have done. Anki DRIVE happens to be a new racing game that one can play in the middle of […]