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Apple Fitness+ Will Officially Launch On The 14th Of December
Back in September, Apple officially introduced its new Apple One subscription bundle that combines various services into a single, more affordable package. One of the subscription bundles offered includes a new subscription service called Apple Fitness+ that provides users with workout videos and also the ability to sync their workouts with devices like the Apple Watch.

Apple One Subscribers Can Now Get Up To 4TB Of iCloud Storage
Over the years, our collection of photos and videos grow, and with each passing smartphone model, file sizes only get larger as our phones are becoming better at taking higher-resolution photos and videos. This means that if you rely on cloud storage like iCloud to backup and sync your photos, you could very quickly run out of storage.

Apple Will Refund Apple One Customers With Duplicate Apple Subscriptions
Now that Apple One is live, we’re sure that some of you might have questions about the service, like what if you’re already subscribed to an existing Apple service? Will you continue being subscribed to both services even if it might be a duplicate service inside the Apple One package?

Apple One Subscription Bundled Is Now Live
Yesterday it was reported that the Apple One services bundle would be launching today, and sure enough it has. The subscription bundle is now live in the US as well as 100+ countries, so if you are interested in signing up for the service, you will be able to do so via your subscription management in iOS.


Apple One Services Bundle Will Be Launching Tomorrow
Back in September, Apple announced that they will be putting together a subscription bundle of its various services. Dubbed Apple One, this will see Apple combine various services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and more into different packages at different prices that customers can sign up for.

Spotify Slams The Apple One Bundle, Calls It ‘Anti-Competitive’
Yesterday during Apple’s Time Flies event, the company unveiled its subscription bundle, the Apple One. Basically, this subscription bundle(s) combines various Apple subscription services into several different packages that are much more affordable than if you were to buy them a la carte.

Apple One Brings All Of Apple’s Subscription Services Together
As per the rumors, Apple is said to have been working on creating a subscription bundle that combines various services together in more affordable packages. Dubbed the Apple One, that services bundle has since been officially confirmed where there will be several different plans for users to choose from.