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Nokia's Feature Phones Bite The Dust
For the past few years Nokia lost market share in the high-end segment but its feature phones held their end. These devices usually cost under $100 and were particularly popular in emerging markets. Nokia was popular in those markets due to its feature phones and even though a couple of product lines survived after the company’s devices and services business was sold to Microsoft, this is the end of the line for […]

Nokia Unleashes Major Asha Update
Nokia intends to be a company of their word, having promised that they would issue a second major update to their Asha lineup. This particular update would see the introduction of Mix Radio, in addition to an improved camera with audible selfie assistance, Panorama, OneDrive support, Facebook likes, Twitter re-tweets as well as birthdays in Fastlane, in addition to built-in parental controls. This particular update is currently being pushed over […]

Nokia Asha 230 Is Most Affordable Nokia Touchscreen Phone
Say what you like against the Nokia Asha 230, but a fact remains a fact – this happens to be Nokia’s most affordable touchscreen phone to date. Of course, when it comes to the word ‘affordable’, one will have to tread cautiously here. Does it mean cheap? After all, in this age of post modernism where just about everything is relative, one man’s ‘affordable’ might be another man’s ‘cheap’. Nokia […]

WhatsApp For Nokia Asha 501 Released
Its no secret that instant messaging applications have become quite popular than texting, because while the latter incurs charges, IM apps allow users to send messages around the world for virtually no cost at all. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used IM applications out there, and it is available for a number of platforms. Originally announced at Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi, WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 501 has […]


Viber To Land On Trio Of Nokia Asha Phones
I am quite sure that any smartphone user worth his or her salt would have heard of Viber before, where it happens to be one of the most popular messaging and social networking apps to date. Well, what happens when you are still rocking to one of those feature phones instead of a modern smartphone with all the relevant bells and whistles to keep you connected at all times? Fret […]

Nokia Asha 502 Leaked
For those of you who happen to be in Abu Dhabi at the moment, you would probably know that Nokia is holding an event there that would in all probability, see the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 1520. Well, having the latest and greatest handset around might be fine and dandy, but the world is a whole lot larger than that, and hence, deserves a whole lot more other phones, […]

Nokia Asha 503 Leaked Out
When October 22nd rolls around, one can more or less expect that in most parts of the world, folks would be on the lookout for a spanking new iPad as well as an iPad mini, but that date has yet to be patented by the folks over at Apple, so it is also fair game for other hardware device manufacturers to roll out their latest gadget on that date as […]

Dual SIM Nokia Asha 500 Appears In Press Render
Many smartphones these days still come with just one SIM slot, but we have been seeing our fair share of dual SIM smartphones being introduced to the market in recent times. Of course, one particular niche where the dual SIM handset would do very well would be the featurephone range, and Nokia is still king of the ring here. Of course, we ought to bear in mind that Microsoft now […]

Mail For Exchange Arrives On Nokia Asha Handsets
Nokia's Asha devices get Mail for Exchange for added productivity on the go.

Nokia Teases QWERTY Device For 24th April Announcement
Remember the other day we reported that Nokia Malaysia teased a possible announcement on the 25th of April? We speculated that it might be tied in to the Lumia 928’s rumored launch, although it did not make sense since the Lumia 928 was rumored to be a Verizon exclusive. Either way it seems that Nokia themselves have revealed yet another teaser, this time with an image of a device (pictured […]

Nokia Asha 501 And Nokia Asha 201 A Possibility
Nokia’s bread and butter had long been feature phones and entry level handsets, targeting emerging markets as well as developing countries. Well, while the Finnish smartphone company has since moved on to the Windows Phone 8 platform as the mobile operating system of choice for their smartphone family, this does not mean that they have neglected their other rice bowl, and it seems that a couple more devices from the […]

Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 announced
It was just earlier in the day when we talked about the leaked Asha 309 from Nokia, and the handset has already been announced, alongside the Asha 308. Both are budget-friendly devices that claim to offer a smartphone experience, although the degree of how one determines a “smartphone experience” is relative. Either way, both handsets will feature Internet connectivity, apps, maps, social networking and games amongst others. Nokia claims that […]

Nokia Asha 309 leaked, to be launched tomorrow?
When it comes to the release of consumer electronic devices, one can always look to history as an indicator of what is to come. Well, the Nokia Asha 306 that was announced in June earlier this year was launched not too long after that, so perhaps the same can be said for a leak of the Nokia Asha 309. The Nokia Asha 309 remains unannounced as at press time, it […]

Namco Bandai announces 20 more titles for new Asha Touch range
When it comes to the world of mobile gaming, we are presented with numerous choices – whether you want to settle for a dedicated mobile gaming console like the Nintendo 3DS or the Sony PS Vita, or there is another way in the form of your smartphone. Namco Bandai has announced that they will be releasing more than 20 titles for Nokia’s new Asha Touch range of handsets.The new Asha […]