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Ford Evos: Cloud Connected Car
Ford has announced the Ford Evos, a Hybrid sedan concept car that is constantly connected to the cloud. While it is only a concept at the moment, it is -mostly- based on ideas and technologies that can be achievable in the near-future. For instance, having a constant connection between the car and the Internet is merely a cost issue, not a technological one.In Ford’s vision, the Evos knows everything about […]

Facebook facial recognition rolls out worldwide
One of the most interesting features of Facebook when it was released has got to be its photo tagging feature. It was one of the features that brought a lot of joy and misery to Facebook users all over the world. Well sometime during last year, Facebook introduced a facial recognition feature that helped you to make sure photo tagging wasn’t going to be a chore by making it automatic.

Pioneer AppRadio: In-Dash iPhone Apps
Earlier today Pioneer has showed us the Pioneer AppRadio, an in-dash device that integrates the iPhone 4 to your car in a way that no other solution does. AppRadio is basically a multi-touch display that is designed to be mounted and completely integrated to your car. You can view it as a peripheral for the iPhone 4, where the apps are displayed. In order to run on the AppRadio, iPhone […]

Google helps you to automatically sort your email with Smart Labels
Google has just announced a new way for you to automatically sort out your Gmail account, with the use of Smart Labels. Gmail already has the option for you to create your own labels if you want to label your emails, but if you don’t, Smart Labels will do the job for you. It provides you with 3 new labels – Bulk, Forums and Notifications. Gmail can detect what sorts […]


Automatic camera trigger built from an automatic air freshener
Ever encountered one of those Glade air fresheners that are set to automatically spray out fragrances at timed intervals? A Hack A Day member decided to take it apart to see how it works. Upon discovering a timed mechanism that triggered the spray release, he decided to build a contraption that would allow him to use the automated trigger to set his camera. The trigger can work manually or automatically […]

Demand for Cars with WiFi to Increase 40 Times by 2017
iSuppli is forecasting that demand for cars with built-in WiFi will increase to 7.2 million vehicles in 2017, a 40-time increase from today’s 174,000 connected cars. Though integrated WiFi may provide a more limited role in getting road warriors mobile broadband access than an integrated 3G modem, auto-makers are relying on WiFi as a means of connectivity that’s low cost and may not deter budget-conscious consumers from balking at high […]

Ford Customizes Cars Using WiFi
Using the same technology on its Ford SYNC system that allows drivers to create a mobile WiFi hotspot within Ford cars, automaker Ford is now using that same WiFi tech to customize cars off of the assembly line. WiFi transmitters at an assembly plant can customize the car’s infotainment system, but the use of WiFi for car customization will lead to more possibilities down the road as well.Beyond setting the […]

Android Powered AutoLinQ Head Unit For Your Car
Continental will be offering a system that will bring Google’s Android OS into your car’s head units. The system, AutoLinQ, is obviously powered by Google’s Android, and is part of a new connected services platform that car makers can choose to install in their vehicles. Thanks to it being powered by Android, the head units will be able to download existing Android applications, while Continental is also planning to release […]