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Samsung Bada OS to take open source route?
Samsung was certainly bold when they decided to venture into the world of mobile operating systems with the Bada OS a couple of years ago, and sad to say it did not really take off as much as the suits at Samsung would have liked – I presume this is no biggie to Samsung since they’re doing extremely well with Android-powered smartphones in their stable.

Samsung bada 2.0 coming out this July in India
Samsung’s bada 2.0 operating system is slated to hit the markets this coming July – starting from India, of all places, according to Financial Express. So far, the bada OS hasn’t really picked up as much steam as Samsung would have liked, and is more or less reserved for their entry level as well as mid-range handsets. Samsung executive Dipesh Shah of Samsung India claims that the company intends to […]

Samsung offers more details on bada 2.0 operating system at MWC
[MWC] Samsung might be churning out some pretty mean Android-powered smartphones at the moment, but that doesn’t mean the consumer electronics giant is not going to concentrate on their in-house developed mobile operating system platform that is bada. Over at MWC, Samsung did show bada some love by parading the next major update of the operating system to developers, where we can expect bada 2.0 to deliver multitasking capability, push […]

Samsung bada OS 2.0 to get improved UI and NFC support.
Despite Android and other platforms taking center stage nowadays, Samsung is still focusing on its bada OS’ future and the Korean giant has confirmed that it plans to support it strongly. Reports are in that bada OS 2.0 will be a major leap from the current version 1.2, offering improved features such as a new user interface, Near Field Communication (NFC) support, smarter home screen, SDK support for Linux and […]


Leaked Bada OS 1.2 Brings Trace Keyboard Input To The Samsung Wave S8500
If you’re using the old Samsung Wave S8500 and want in on the keyboard-tracing fun, a leaked build of bada OS 1.2 (S8500XXJID) has surfaced that seems to bring keyboard-tracing input to the device. The input method is claimed to be from Swype, though some folks speculate that it may be Nuance’s T9 Trace instead. Still, regardless of which system it is, the ability to use a Swype-like input would […]

Samsung Wave II S8530 announced
Samsung intends for its Bada OS to gain more momentum perhaps by announcing yet another Bada OS-powered smartphone, the Wave II S8530. Beware of its naming convention though, since some people might mistake it to be the Wave 2 S5250 by accident. Meant to see off the Wave S8500, the Wave II does share many looks with its predecessor, although your eyes ought to benefit from a more generous 3.7-inches […]

Samsung Wave S8500 does 1 million unit sales in Europe
Samsung’s maiden outing when it comes to the bada operating system comes in the form of the Wave S8500, and it has just hit a new milestone in the European market, having moved more than 1 million units worth in terms of sales – this coming after hitting the European continent four months ago. What could have spurred the S8500’s sales? Perhaps people see the bang for their buck (Euro, […]

Vodafone UK To Offer The Samsung Wave On June 1st
Folks over in the UK will be getting their first Samsung device that is powered by the company’s Bada OS. We’re talking about the Samsung Wave that will be offered by Vodafone come June 1st. It’s currently up for pre-order on Vodafone’s site and will be yours for free if you agree to go for the carrier’s £25/month two-year contract that comes with 300 free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB […]

First Samsung Bada OS Phone Due In March
Details of Samsung’s upcoming Bada OS aren’t as abundant as Google’s Android or Symbian, but Samsung is busy working on its previously mentioned Bada OS, and the company certainly seems confident about it. In a recent update, Samsung’s mobile division President, Shin Jong-Kyun has boasted that they will be seeing a big success with Bada, not to mention the number of Bada-powered devices will rise significantly this year. It’ll be […]

Samsung S5620 Monte
The Samsung S5600 Preston which rolled out last summer might be in line for a new successor known as the Samsung S5620 Monte. This yet unannounced handset does seem to be shaping up pretty nicely, what with a 3″ touchscreen display, HSDPA, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS support and a microSD memory card slot accompanying the device. It will also take advantage of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, although there is the possibility […]

Is Samsung Vita OS Related To Its Bada OS?
It seems that just a day after it filed for the Bada OS trademark, Samsung went back and filed for a “Samsung Vita OS” trademark (on Oct 22nd 2009). The Vita OS trademark seems quite similar to the Bada OS, not to mention they’re both related to “mobile phones; mobile phone operating system software installed on mobile phones”. Perhaps it’s a backup plan by Samsung in the event that there […]

Samsung Corby Beat M3710 To Get Game Store
It looks like despite Samsung’s unannounced Corby Beat M3710 not being powered by Bada, it will be getting a Game Store, which is one of the interesting features of the Bada OS. The Game Store will be offering Java applications, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues for developers. The M3710 should be available in February, and should be going for about $300. Features of the Samsung Corby Beat M3710 […]