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BlackBerry 7.1 OS released
Good news, BlackBerry users – RIM has announced a brand new update to kick start the new year: BlackBerry 7.1 OS. The update brings a whole bunch of new features to improve your BlackBerry smartphone experience.First up users will get the mobile hotspot feature: an option that has been available on platforms like Android and iOS for awhile now, BlackBerry 7.1 OS will let you turn your smartphone into a […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 officially announced
A few months ago at the BlackBerry world event, people weren’t too pleased when RIM only announced one new device at the show – the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, because there were quite a number of BlackBerry phones that were leaked prior to the event and everybody was expecting those other phones to be revealed as well. The phones probably weren’t ready or finalized back then, but it looks like they’re […]

BlackBerry 7 OS to deliver updated virtual keyboard
Virtual keyboards do take some getting used to, especially for those who were weaned on a physical keyboard on their smartphone. This is very true for old school BlackBerry owners who might find the learning curve of a virtual keyboard to be potentially steep, and not all virtual keyboards are the same – especially when you take into consideration the iPhone and Android-powered devices these days. Well, BlackBerry 7 OS […]

BlackBerry Curve Apollo shown off on video
The BlackBerry Curve “Apollo” was shown off in some short video clips last week and now the folks over at have shot a 7 minute video showing off even more footage of the upcoming entry-level BlackBerry. Specs-wise the new Curve isn’t anything to shout about but like most of the current BlackBerry phones, they are due for an update and the Apollo seems like a decent replacement.The BlackBerry Curve […]


BlackBerry Torch 2 shown off on video
Last week the folks over at TechnoBuffalo got their hands on some leaked photographs of the BlackBerry Torch 2 and now they’ve managed to score a working pre-release handset. They shot a video tour of the phone, covering its hardware, and touching a bit on the operating system (BlackBerry 7 OS) and its apps.From first initial impressions, they seem pretty pleased with the device, stating that it is much more […]

BlackBerry Curve "Apollo" shown off in video clips
Leaked earlier this year, the BlackBerry Curve “Apollo” has surfaced again, this time showing up in training videos for BlackBerry 7 OS and videos showing off its hardware. When its specs were first revealed we weren’t too impressed and judging by what appears to be lag on the device in the training video, we don’t think a lot of people are going to be looking forward to this device. Let’s […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 officially unveiled
RIM has officially unveiled the latest addition to their lineup of BlackBerry Bold phones. Called the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, it will be RIM’s thinnest BlackBerry phone to date. The Bold 9900/9930 will finally make the transition to a touchscreen phone. For all you dedicated QWERTY keyboard lovers, don’t worry, RIM hasn’t gotten rid of them, the Bold 9900/9930 will still have one and this time RIM claims it’s their best […]