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RIM to rebrand "Blackberry App World" to just "Blackberry World"
The name “Blackberry App World” does not really have a ring to it and personally I thought it could have been named better. It looks like the folks at RIM have thought the same as well and in a tweet by the Canadian company, they have announced that the Blackberry App World will be no more – instead they are renaming it to Blackberry World, which in all honesty has […]

Comwave ePhone lets you make calls from your Blackberry Playbook
When we reviewed the Blackberry Playbook, one of the things that we found lacking was native apps such as mail, calendar and BBM. It also seemed to lack the ability to make calls, a feature which the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android tablet of somewhat similar size, had. The good news is that there is now an app available for the Playbook that will allow you to make and receive […]

RIM releases BlackBerry Messenger 6 with BBM connected apps
BlackBerry users rejoice – RIM has announced that starting today, its users can upgrade their phone’s messenger client, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM for short) to version 6. In addition to BBM6, the company will also be releasing selected apps that now integrate the functionality of BBM. These BBM integrated apps will allow users to communicate and interact with each other from within the app over BBM – this means no more […]

Official Twitter client for BlackBerry updated
The BlackBerry Official Twitter Client 1.1 has finally made its way out of the beta testing stage into a full release. The app that has been undergoing testing for the past six weeks is now mature and stable enough to go out in the real world. The latest version of the app brings new features such as the ability to add locations to your tweets so you can tell your […]


PayPal Accidentally Announces Support For The Android Market
Seems like PayPal should be supporting the Android Market soon as the company posted a short announcement on it on its corporate blog, only to pull it seconds later. Fortunately Google cache means that the information can still be found, and it confirms that PayPal is gearing up to support all three major mobile platforms, which means Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry App World and the Android Market. There wasn’t any […]

BlackBerry App World Hits 10,000 Apps
While it’s still way behind Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market in terms of app quantity, the folks at RIM should still be quite happy to announce that it now has over 10,000 applications in their BlackBerry App World application store. While Apple and Google both tout over 100,000 applications in their stores, 10,000 apps is still not a figure to be laughed at. Next RIM will have to […]

FlightView for BlackBerry
FlightView recently announced that its has rolled out its initial mobile application for BlackBerry, where folks living in North America will be able to check out real-time flight information right on their BlackBerrys, alongside additional information such as weather conditions. This also includes flight status updates integrated with BlackBerry alerts so that you can take note of scheduled flights integrated with BlackBerry’s calendar. No longer do you need to call […]