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Video: BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell Running OS 6
Want more details on the upcoming BlackBerry 9670 clamshell and BlackBerry OS 6? Turns out that the folks over at Driphter have managed to get hold of the device, and it’s running BlackBerry OS 6. From the looks of it, this device is headed to Sprint, and is running on a CDMA network. Check out two vides of the device and OS 6 after the jump. Details discovered include:

Rdio Music Service Created By Kazaa Founders
The founders of the Kazaa P2P program are back in the music download scene with the launch of Rdio, a legal music streaming service. The service offers per-track streaming from the web and on mobile devices for a fee. The iPhone and BlackBerry mobile apps are already available, and the Android-version is also on the way. Interesting features of this new service are that users will be able to share […]

BlackBerry OS running on Nokia 5700
Now this is travesty of the highest level – seeing the BlackBerry 8220 4.6 OS run on a Nokia 5700. Of course, it has its fair share of doubters initially as they were wondering whether the Nokia 5700 was just displaying an image of the BlackBerry OS, but programming supremo Selith came up with a video instantly to make sure that all doubts were transformed into admiration. Let’s put him […]

BlackBerry Messenger To Arrive With OS 5.0
Looks like the long awaited BlackBerry Messenger will be included as a staple in all BlackBerry devices that will receive the OS 5.0 treatment. This new version of the popular program will feature avatar support, GPS integration with proximity sensing, the ability to set and group conversations according to your liking as well as a new method to create a homescreen icon for messenger contacts. What’s more, BlackBerry Messenger will […]