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BlackBerry Monza appears in Dubai, selling for $1,500
Well well, we would not have expected anything less than for the yet unreleased BlackBerry Monza (also known as the Storm 3 or BlackBerry Touch as listed online) to appear in Dubai’s Craigslist option – and as you know, that oil-rich state has plenty of folks who probably use dollars for toilet paper and literally burn money to light up a cigar, so to fork out $1,500 for an unreleased […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 specifications leaked?
Could the list of specifications below actually belong to the BlackBerry Storm 3? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but you might want to check them out before coming to a conclusion. Without much further ado, they are :- Camera: 5MP, 2592×1944 pixels or 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, fixed focus, dual-LED flash Memory: 8 or 16 GB storage w/ optional expandable to 32GB, 512 MB or 1GHz RAM, 1 GB ROM Display: […]

BlackBerry 9570 About display takes a bow
The “About” display of the BlackBerry 9570 has been spotted as you can see above, where it is also known as the next in the Storm family of BlackBerrys to hit the market. Boasting 3G over EV-DO connectivity, the 9570 will also sport Wi-Fi support, 512MB RAM, a 5-megapixel camera, a SurePress that is similar to the Storm 2, and BlackBerry OS 6 to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 leak debunked?
Now this is pretty fast – remember the BlackBerry Storm 3 photo that was considered to be a leak late yesterday? Guess what, it isn’t really the actual deal. After all, multiple sources have challenge the claim of what the BlackBerry Storm 3 looks like in the leak, but rather diplomatically claims it is a modest upgrade at the most. The good people over at BGR were informed that it […]


Verizon roadmap leaked, BlackBerry Storm 3 and Curve 3 coming with 10-megapixel Android
It remains to be seen whether the Q3 2010 roadmap that was leaked by Verizon Wireless was done on purpose or not, but the world is now privy to what the carrier is offering – we’re talking about the Motorola Droid 2 World Edition hitting the market next month alongside the youth-oriented Android-powered Motorola WX445 Citrus. Apart from that, the touchscreen capable LG Octane VN530 will also be coming, accompanied […]

Leaked Picture Of Upcoming BlackBerry Slider Phone?
While you can’t really confirm the authenticity of this picture, this is apparently a leaked picture of the upcoming BlackBerry slider phone, possibly the Storm 3. Rumors of a BlackBerry slider phone have been floating around for some time now, and we’ve mentioned the possibility to you before, but seeing a leaked picture seems to add a whole new excitement level to it, wouldn’t you think? Of course, this might […]