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iPhone bug receives iMessages, never mind the remote wipe
It seems that there is a bug in the iPhone that allows stolen handsets to be on the receiving end of iMessages even after running the remote wipe function. Reports of this happening are scattered here and there, although it does not seem to be widespread. Still, it is a concern, as stolen iPhones receive iMessages that were intended for their original owners, never mind after the number has been […]

Be wary of iPhone security flaw
Apple is famous for their closed ecosystem, which is one of the main reasons as to why most of their devices such as the iPhone and iPad have remained more or less free from malware and virus attacks – as all apps are vetted carefully before gaining admission to the App Store. As we all know, nothing is foolproof anymore these days, where serial Mac hacker Charlie Miller managed to […]

2010 MacBook Pro Black Screen of Death bug to be fixed soon
Apple has given their nod that they are well aware of the Black Screen of Death bug that plagues some models of the MacBook Pro from the 2010 range, although a fix is in the works, it might still take some time before it makes it to the masses. After all, this might very well be hardware related or firmware related, it is rather hard to tell at the moment.

Skype bug in Mac OS X begs to be exploited
A hacking consultancy, Pure Hacking, recently revealed a bug in Skype for Mac OS X that could lead to serious ramifications if left unchecked. The bug will allow hackers to easily gain remote control of a user’s system by just sending them a specially manipulated attachment in an instant message. According to the blog, here’s a simplified description of the bug:“The long and the short of it is that an […]


iOS 4.3.3 released today
The much-needed location tracking bug fix for iOS devices has finally arrived. After receiving a lot of flak from consumers and the media about iOS keeping a log of where people have been, Apple issued a press statement explaining the whole situation and also promised an update to fix the bugs. Well, consumers didn’t have to wait too long as Apple has released the update today.The iOS 4.3.3 update for […]

iPhone FaceTime bug stores pictures without you knowing
It looks like FaceTime does more than just let you and your loved ones video call over WiFi – according to recent reports cropping up on the Apple discussion forums, the video calling app on the iPhone 4 scares people too. A user has reported that still images of old conversations would show up randomly when she made FaceTime calls. Sometimes the bug even shows images that weren’t taken while […]

iPhone alarm malfunction caused late entry to office
When you place too much faith in technology, sometimes there are unforeseen glitches that arise, and in the case of some iPhone owners today, they were late for work simply because of a glitch that caused their alarms to malfunction. iPhone owners would have realized (all too late) that their wake-up alert was an hour later, and for some, not at all. This is due to the fact that the […]

Windows Phone 7 Yahoo! Mail bug fixed
Awhile ago, it was reported that Yahoo! Mail was causing Windows Phone 7 devices to unnecessarily use data even when the phone was idle, leading to enormous data consumption from the device. Well it appears that the latest version of Yahoo! Mail has fixed this issue. It wasn’t mentioned what was changed, but according to reports, the latest version of the app doesn’t suffer from the data-eating issue anymore. Head […]

Password security flaw on
It has been reported that there is a flaw that exists on the Amazon site that actually allows customers to log into the without using their exact password. Basically, if a person’s password is PASSWORD, users can enter “password”, “passwordpassword”, “password12345” to login to the account – and it will still work, because the site still employs an ancient password encrypting technique that truncates passwords after the 8th character for […]

iPhone bug caused folks to be late
An iPhone bug was caught out when Australia switched between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time a few weeks ago, and the same is now happening in Europe. Folks have been going on and on over on Twitter on how recurring iPhone alarms go off an hour later than normal. It seems that while the iOS clock changed correctly over the weekend, the alarm failed to, so hopefully the folks […]

iOS 4.1 bug bypasses lock screen to make phone calls
Hmmm, Apple iPhone 4 owners won’t be too pleased with news of an iOS 4.1 bug on the iPhone which will allow users to skip the device’s lock screen entirely to make phone calls. Pressing a locked iPhone’s “Emergency Call” button, you can dial a non-emergency number (such as “###”), followed by quickly pressing “Send” and then hitting the iPhone’s lock key to force the device into the “Phone” application. […]

DIY: Tiny FM Transmitter Spy Bugs
This is probably something that you wouldn’t want kids to read about, but it’s still cool nonetheless. Lucid Science is giving ideas on spy gadgets once again, and this time its a tiny FM transmitter. The unit is powered by a 9-volt battery. The design offers a microphone, two transistors, enameled wire for the coil, along with various resistors, capacitors and a potentiometer. The result is a device that can […]

Bug Concept Vehicle Aims To Be Emission Free
Based on all the concept designs that pop up from time to time, the vehicles of the future will all be eco-friendly, so if you’ve been dreaming of a fire-breathing monster car, you’ll probably have to build one yourself. Designer Ricardo Fedrizzi has come up with a rather pretty design for his Bug electric car, which obviously has taken some hints from Volkswagen. The design calls for use of recyclable […]