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Exclusive Canadian Xbox bundle includes Halo 3
Good news Canadians, it appears that an Xbox bundle which seems to be exclusively for Canada is expected to be released this week! In order to attract more customers and add to their already huge fanbase, Microsoft will be releasing an Xbox bundle for their Canadian customers that comes with several games pre-installed on the 250GB console.

New BlackBerry release dates confirmed by Rogers
Yesterday we reported about the new BlackBerry Torch phones arriving on Telus’ network in Canada on August 15th. Well, thanks to a recent tweet from Rogers, it looks like the phones will be arriving even earlier than expected. According to the announcement made, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available on August 10th, while the BlackBerry Torch 9810 will arrive on August 12th.So for those of you in Canada, you […]

Xbox Kinect finds a use in Sunnybrook Health Services Center
A while back we had reported that Microsoft saw a future where the Kinect could be used within the healthcare industry, and it looks like that future has arrived. It seems that the doctors at Sunnybrook Health Services Center in Canada have started to use the Kinect within the confines of the operating room.

Sony Ericsson Canada hacked
Remember yesterday when I said it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sony was hacked again? Well, they did and this time it’s Sony Ericsson Canada’s website. The hackers stole the names and email addresses of about 2,000 customers from the website adding to the growing list of stolen data retrieved from the company’s networks.What started as an attack on the game network has spread to the rest of Sony’s businesses […]


Video games make people eat more?
It looks like people are just trying to discourage today’s youth from playing video games. In one of the strangest studies that recently took place, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition came up with a conclusion that video gamers tend to eat more than people who don’t play video games. As reported by the National Post, Canada, the doctors believe that video games aren’t only poor replacements for physical activities, […]

Best Buy in Canada begins to receive Nexus S stock
Our friends living in Canada will just have to wait for two more weeks or so before they are able to get their hands on the Google Nexus S which will have Android 2.3 Gingerbread right out of the box, as it finally makes its way to Canada. Stock of the smartphone have already been arriving at Best Buy locations throughout the Great White North, and the rest of the […]

Canadian Starbucks gets interactive storefront display
Our friends living in the Great White North catch up with us, as their Starbucks stores in Toronto and Vancouver now offer more than just great coffee (something tells me there will be others who dispute this) and free Wi-Fi connectivity – we’re talking about interactive window displays that is guaranteed to grab the attention of any passers-by. This interactive display comes in the form of a vinyl screen, aided […]

Froyo update for Bell's Vibrant pulled after reports of fried storage
Bell subscribers out there who are rocking the Galaxy S might want to take note. Word is out that the carrier has pulled the phone’s Android 2.2 Froyo update after many users who attempted the upgrade via Samsung’s Kies desktop software ended up with inaccessible internal storage, which definitely isn’t the desired result of a software upgrade. Hopefully this issue will be sorted out soon, but if you’ve been thinking […]

MagicTalk Software To Offer Free Calls In The US And Canada
Most of us have already heard of magicJack which helps us skimp on our phone bill, and now the company behind it is planning to go one further, with the introduction of magicTalk, a software that aims to eliminate costs for calling landline and cell phones in the US and Canada, with no time limits on said calls. The software is slated to be released next week for Windows and […]

Canadian Wireless Provider Claims Next-gen iPhone Will Be Official In June
Rumors regarding the next-generation iPhone are coming hard and fast, and next up it seems that SaskTel, a Canadian wireless provider, will be offering the next-generation iPhone from July 1st, apparently after the new device is launched in June. We’ve previously mentioned that the iPhone HD (or whatever it may be called) was rumored to be announced on June 22nd, and this seems to be in line with that rumor. […]

iPad To Be Available Internationally On April 24th?
While folks in the U.S. will be getting the iPad pretty soon, what about those who live in other countries? There still isn’t any official date where the iPad will be available internationally just yet, but Apple had previously mentioned that the iPad will be available internationally in late April. Now, according to the latest leak, it seems that April 24th has been marked as a blackout period for staff, […]

WIND Mobile In Discussions To Bring Nexus One To Canada
Google’s Nexus One hasn’t been officially launched in Canada just yet, but it seems that the folks over at WIND Mobile are busy in talks with Google to make sure the phone comes to Canada. There aren’t any details on how the talks are progressing at the moment, but it’s certainly good to know that the situation is being discussed, and hopefully a deal will be worked out soon. Are […]