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Carriers overcount your data consumption, study reveals
When using mobile phones with data plans, one of the major concerns of the users is to try and keep their data volume low so as not to bump the monthly bill. However, too often users complain that they feel their wireless carriers charge them for more than their actual data usage.It so seems that such suspicions of the users may not be so wrong, after all. According to a […]

Nichio Maru car carrier goes green
Cars have gone green with the recent introduction of hybrids and fully electric models over the past decade, but what about ships that sail the seven seas? Large cargo freighters are, after all, one of the major sources of CO2 emissions around the globe, so it is nice to see companies do their bit to transform such vessels into a more efficient version. Nissan has recently introduced an energy efficient […]

Google branded SIM card spotted in Spain
Google started out as a search engine, but over the years they have managed to expand their list of services to include e-mail (Gmail), a smartphone platform which has quickly dominated the marketshare in terms of platforms (Android) and recently even attempted to launch their very own social network (Google+). With Google Voice being an alternative to your typical cellular calls, would it be a stretch of the imagination to […]

AT&T publishes reasons for wanting to acquire T-Mobile
We all know that AT&T had the intention of buying out T-Mobile to effectively turn into the largest carrier in the US, but why did they want to do it? According to a filing with the FCC published on their MobilizeEverything site, they revealed the main reason for acquiring T-Mobile USA – to improve their network performance. Ever since they were the exclusive iPhone carrier in 2007, people have been […]


T-Mobile available in 10 more markets
T-Mobile has just announced that they’ve just added 10 more markets that now have access to their 4G HSPA+ network. Touted as the nation’s largest 4G network, T-Mobile’s 4G service now encompasses 167 markets and more than 200 million people nationwide. The new 4G markets are: Ames, Iowa; Anderson, Indiana; Battle Creek, Benton Harbor and Jackson, Michigan; Fort Collins-Loveland, Colorado; Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas; Springfield, Illinois and Wichita Falls, Texas. […]

Sprint gets vocal about AT&T-T-Mobile acquisition
While Sprint appeared calm and collected about the whole AT&T-T-Mobile buyout when it was first announced, it looks like they haven’t been so cool after all. Sprint has just announced that they oppose the whole $39 billion takeover. At present, AT&T is the second largest carrier in the US, with Verizon in the lead. If AT&T takes over T-Mobile, it would make them the largest carrier in the US, leaving […]

BlackBerry Storm3 9570 Canceled For All Carriers?
While there have been doubts over the arrival of the BlackBerry Storm3, now a notice sent to a developer may indicate that RIM might have shelved the idea entirely. The developer was told that the 9570, a refresh of the Storm2, was no longer being developed and that apps written for the device would have to be modified to fit other hardware. The leaked copy of the memo steers developers […]

Google Sharing Advertising Revenue With Carriers?
Word is going around that carriers are actually getting a cut of the ad revenue when the handsets come bundled with Google applications such as Search, Maps and Gmail, since those aren’t a requirement of Android. Of course, the advertisements served on those platforms are almost non-existent, aside from those displayed along with search results. But with Google’s recent purchase of AdMob for $750m, things might get significantly juicier for […]