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Keystone ECO Slider Keyboard for the iPhone 4/4S
One of the reasons why some people prefer using their Blackberry devices is due to its physical keyboard layout, which some might argue is superior over an on-screen keyboard. Some Android manufacturers might have acknowledged that fact by putting out smartphones with both on-screen and a physical keyboard, but Apple has remained firm in their resolve in sticking with the on-screen keyboard.

Grove announces Bamboo Back for MacBooks
Much like our smartphones, our laptops require some form of protection too. Granted people probably worry more about their smartphones/tablets than their laptops, but for those running MacBooks with the aluminum unibody, Grove has just announced Bamboo Backs for the MacBook.

iPhone 4 Action Case lets you record your extreme sport stunts
If you’re an extreme sports fanatic and would like to capture yourself performing death defying jumps and tricks from your point of view, there’s a good chance you’ll probably have to invest in some pretty expensive gear. However if all you have on you is an iPhone 4 and $50 to spare, perhaps this Action Case could be just what you need while on a budget.

Lian Li PC-TU200 chassis looks like a suitcase
One of the joys of attending LAN parties is that you usually bring your own rig, which means that there’s a degree of comfort and familiarity that comes from using your own computer. However unless you’re using a gaming laptop, lugging around a desktop can be quite tedious, and while you will still have to contend with the various cables and plugs, Lian Li might be able to make carrying […]


iPhone 4 Bumper Case to be discontinued? (Rumor)
When the iPhone 4 was launched, there was a huge buzz surrounding it, although at one point in time, the buzz surrounding the device was a negative one. If you were one of the early adopters of the iPhone 4, you may remember the infamous “death grip” which would cause your handset to lose reception drastically when held in a certain way. This was believed to have been attributed to […]

Case-Mate’s iPhone 5 casing leaked?
When it comes to iPhone 5 case leaks, there are plenty floating about the internet, and generally they’re from obscure companies based in China that you and I probably have never heard of before. Now it looks like Case-Mate, an established and well-known manufacturer of cases for a variety of Apple products, may have accidentally leaked what appears to be an iPhone 5 case.

Another purported iPhone 5 spotted in China
There are so many conflicting rumors and reports on how the iPhone 5 is going to look like, that it’s starting to get difficult to sort out somewhat credible reports from the outright rumors. As it stands (and a quick recap), the rumors are now saying that the next-generation iPhone will either resemble the iPhone 4 with some slight changes in design, or it will be a completely redesigned phone.

Elasty iPhone 4 case has more than one use
How many of us with an iPhone wished there was a more elegant solution for tucking away the cables of our earphones when not in use? Short of unplugging them or wrapping them around the device, there may be a better way in the future, assuming of course Belkin decides to put this particular iPhone 4 case design into production.

Bluetrek iPhone 5 case – publicity stunt or for real?
There has been countless iPhone 5 rumors – some seemingly credible while some are just outright ridiculous. As to whether Apple is purposely spreading disinformation is unknown, but all we know is that there’s a good chance Apple will be launching their next-generation iPhone this year.

Realtree Camo iPhone 4 cases
While we’re not sure why you would want a camouflaged iPhone 4 case, perhaps for novelty reasons or perhaps you use your iPhone extensively for nature photography and animals, but whatever your reasons may be, Case-mate has released a slew of camo cases designed for the iPhone 4 specifically.

Louis Vuitton foldable iPad cases now available
Louis Vuitton is probably best known as a luxury fashion brand, as opposed to a maker of iPhone and iPad accessories, but that hasn’t stopped the fashion house from churning out one accessory after the other, and given that their accessories usually exude a sense of classiness, we imagine that there are quite a few out there who probably appreciate it.

80s Cell Phone Case for iPhone
Before you think you stumbled upon a super old cached copy of our website, don’t worry because you haven’t! The picture to your right is actually a casing for your iPhone by Urban Outfitters.

iLuv Cushion Multi Case for the iPad 2
iPad cases are usually designed to provide some form of protection against accidental drops or bumps. In some cases (pun not intended) it has been designed to withstand cars running over them or drops from heights of several meters, while others have been created for its design while providing the bare minimum protection i.e. scratches and light knocks.

Incase reveals new Andy Warhol case designs for iPhone, iPad and MacBook
Case manufacter Incase seems to have a thing for the artist Andy Warhol, and we can’t really complain since the covers and casings that Incase has produced under their Andy Warhol series has always been eye catching and colorful, making your iPhone casing just a little bit more exciting, and with Incase releasing a new collection of Andy Warhol designs for your iPhone, iPad or MacBook, you will now have […]