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World's First Bionic Cat 'MarsCat' Is A Home Robot
You might find a robot for almost everything – if not, it is highly likely that someone is developing it as you read this.We’ve seen useful robots to get things done, like a Vacuum cleaner robot – but a cute pet companion in the form of a home robot?Elephant Robotics, a Chinese tech firm has managed to develop a fully autonomous robot cat.It is not just any ordinary robot – […]

CAT’s B35 Is A Rugged Phone With Google Assistant
In this day and age, choosing a phone means either choosing between iOS or Android. This is because we are in the age of smartphones which means that feature phones are pretty much no longer thought about. However CAT seems to think that there is still a demand for such devices, and has since announced the CAT B35.

Cat S60 Rugged Smartphone Comes With FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
Let’s face it, how many of us actually needs to own a thermal imaging camera? Chances are not many. However if you do need it for whatever reason, like work or maybe for personal use, you might be interested to learn that Cat has recently announced the Cat S60, a rugged Android smartphone that comes with a built-in FLIR thermal imaging camera.

Cat Launches S50c Rugged Android Smartphone
When you think of the brand Cat, you might associate it with construction-related products like heavy machinery and whatnot. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that their smartphones have also been designed to be rugged, presumably where it can be used in places like construction sites where a drop or two won’t render your phone useless.


CAT S50 Smartphone Arrives Stateside
While it is nice to see smartphone manufacturers take the initiative to come up with tough looking handsets, not to mention making them more durable in the presence of water, such as the Sony Xperia Z3, this does not mean that such handsets are so durable and tough, they will be able to survive any kind of drops and knocks. No sir, but there are some highly specialized phones out […]

Cat B15Q Rugged Smartphone Does The KitKat Dance
Smartphones have definitely improved by leaps and bounds where their hardware specifications are concerned, but how many of them have actually toughened up? Sure, more and more smartphones do feature water-resistant capabilities, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S5, but is there a rugged communications device that will help get the job done in more extreme situations? Cat has just announced the successor to their […]