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CERN Looking To Build Collider Four Times Bigger Than Its LHC
CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is quite big, as the name suggests, at 17 miles long. It asked for recommendations from 1,300 contributors back in 2014 for a feasible plan to build a new collider that would be significantly bigger than the LHC. CERN has now unveiled the preliminary designs for this project called the Future Circular Collider which will make the LHC tiny in comparison.

World Wide Web Celebrates 25th Birthday Today
It’s a big day today. 25 years ago to this very day – August 23, 1991 – new users were able to get online and access the World Wide Web. It’s now commonly celebrated as the internet’s birthday and usually referred to as Internaut Day. As many of you might be aware the World Wide Web was designed and deployed by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Switzerland. In […]

World's First Website Went Live 25 Years Ago Today
Many of us take the internet for granted these days considering the fact that it has significantly advanced over the past few years, however it’s interesting to note that all of this has happened in a relatively short span of time. If you didn’t already know, it was 25 years ago today when the very first website went online. Just 25 years, and when you compare that with the power […]

Large Hadron Collider Goes Back Online At CERN
Back in February 2013 CERN shut down the Large Hadron Collider. Over two years later it has been brought back online once again. CERN restarted the world’s biggest and most powerful particle accelerator on Easter weekend. Though it’s not quite up to full speed just yet. In order to collect collision data the collider has to be brought up to a certain speed and getting to that point is going to […]