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Intel PixelSync Contributes To computer Graphics History
At GDC 2013, Intel has revealed some details of its 4th Gen Core Processors, including details about their upcoming graphics processors features (all Intel Core processor comes with a graphics processor or integrated GPU inside). Not surprisingly, DirectX 11.1 is supported, but what was not expected was that Intel actually extended upon the DX11 specifications to include two new features: Instant Access and PixelSync. Instant Access provides a more straightforward, […]

AMD Radeon HD 7790 Strengthens AMD's Mid-Range Offering
AMD just announced its new Radeon HD 7790 graphics processor (GPU) which will go in add-on cards immediately from close to ten partners right away. This new chip uses a new design which was created to improve the performance for the price, and for the power consumption, two key metrics when “absolute performance” (at any cost) is no longer the name of the game.The Radeon 7790 uses the Graphics Core […]

CG Audrey Hepburn Commercial Looks Like The Real Deal
Audrey Hepburn is probably one of the most iconic women in the film and fashion industry, with many attempting to recreate her beauty and sense of style. In fact it seems that task proved to be quite difficult as production company Framestore found out when attempting to create an advertisement for chocolate company, Galaxy. The original idea was to use an Audrey Hepburn double and that’s what the production company […]

Otoy Cloud Tools: A Vision for Ultra-Realistic Games and Movies
In 2008, a company called Otoy has set the goal to revolutionize gaming by offering vastly superior rendering capabilities by replacing your PC or console with a massive cloud (farm of servers). Today, Otoy is still pursuing this goal, but the company has slightly changed its aim. In addition to game developers, Otoy will now provide tools for film makers as well. While powerhouses like Pixar, Dreamworks or ILM have […]


Tim Sweeney: The End of The GPU Roadmap
Epic Games founder and 3D engine architect Tim Sweeney has presented what he calls “The end of the GPU roadmap”, where he essentially says that GPU as we know them are too limited, and predicts that by 2020 developers will switch to a more flexible massively parallel programming model where all fixed functionality (texture filtering, anti-aliasing, rasterization) have been replaced with a software implementation, backed by massive computing power. There’s […]

CPU against GPU in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
WSJ’s Don Clark has written an interesting article about how GPUs (graphics processing unit) and CPUs (central processing unit) are competing to be the top processor in Hollywood’s Computer Graphics (CG) business. In “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, ILM used GPUs to compute a fire effect*. This is quite a milestone for an industry typically dominated by CPU farms.While there is indeed a nascent competition between both types of […]

MotionPortrait Technology
Now this could definitely work for video games of the future – MotionPortrait technology that is able to create 3D graphics from a snapshot of your average human face. This technology is able to create 3D graphics simply by identifying specific characteristics automatically, including the shapes of eyes and mouth within a photo. These features will then be moved at will thanks to the computer generated graphics that has taken […]