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HTC Salsa ditches Facebook button for Weibo in China
HTC certainly knows well enough not to bite the hand that feeds them, and the move to replace the Facebook button with that of Weibo, a micro-blogging Web service in China, on the HTC Salsa is a logical one – after all, Facebook is banned in that part of the world, never mind that Mark Zuckerberg has been taking time to learn the Chinese language and perhaps, hoping to crack […]

AT&T HTC ChaCha spotted in the wild
Remember the HTC Status, or better known as the HTC ChaCha, which will arrive over at AT&T? This is the first of what could possibly be a bunch of “Facebook phones” – handsets that feature a dedicated Facebook button. What you see here is not an official image but a leak, where you will find the famous “F” button (implying Facebook, of course), letting you post onto your own wall […]

AT&T HTC Status is the HTC ChaCha actually
Anyone out there actually tried to stifle a laughter here, and a snicker there whenever they hear of the name HTC ChaCha? I know I did, as I can’t help but have this mental image that said Facebook phone was going to break out into a chacha dance the moment I turn my back on it. Well, good news for those who just can’t jive with the handset’s name, as […]

HTC ChaCha spotted with AT&T logo
Just last week the HTC ChaCha was spotted at the FCC with approval for GSM 850, 1900, and WCDMA II and V bands: radios that suggested the phone was headed towards AT&T’s network. Recently, the folks over at managed to get their hands on a press shot of the phone, and it now features an AT&T logo, confirming its arrival on the carrier.Compared to the original press shot of […]


HTC ChaCha Facebook handset might end up at AT&T based on FCC filings
Most smartphones these days come with some sort of Facebook plug-in or widget, letting you know what your friends are up to through their wall posts, but what happens when you’re a true blue Facebook fan, and want to remain up-to-date with the latest happenings on your Facebook account? Well, AT&T subscribers at the moment can always settle for the HTC ChaCha which is a Facebook-centric phone, where it has […]

HTC ChaCha rumored to get processor upgrade
While the Facebook phone idea never really took off (you don’t read of news items dedicated to the sales figure of the HTC ChaCha, do you?), that does not mean there isn’t a sizeable amount of HTC ChaCha owners out there who do make full use of their handsets to keep in touch with their immediate social network, so it makes perfect sense for an Over The Air (OTA) update […]

HTC ChaCha receives first OTA update
Receiving an OTA (Over The Air) update on your smartphone is somewhat akin to getting a handwritten letter from a beloved relative who stays thousands of miles away, and the latest device to receive such a treatment would be the HTC ChaCha, having received its first OTA update after being introduced at MWC 2011 in Barcelona earlier this year. At least, that is what we could gather from the European […]

HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa up for pre-order in the UK
HTC’s dedicated Facebook phones, the HTC ChaCha (or ChaChaCha in Spain) and the HTC Salsa have finally got a release date. According to the Amazon UK store, the two phones will be delivered at the end of next month, June 26th. The HTC ChaCha recently went up for pre-order at £250 ($409) while the Salsa is priced at £320 ($524). A bit pricey, but bear in mind that the prices […]

HTC ChaCha renamed to ChaChaCha in Spain
It looks like HTC has gotten into some hot soup with their upcoming “Facebook phone”. The HTC ChaCha was recently sued by ChaCha Search Inc, a search engine, for infringement of the ChaCha trademark. Whilst the case still remains unsettled, the ChaCha name has gotten HTC into trouble again. According to reports online, the HTC ChaCha will be renamed to ChaChaCha in Spain because the use of the word “chacha” […]

HTC ChaCha and Salsa unveiled with dedicated Facebook button
[MWC 2011] Remember those leaked HTC phones with a dedicated Facebook button? Turns out that those phones were real, as HTC has unveiled the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa, both devices that offer easy access to Facebook via a dedicated button. These phones are powered by Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 and use the latest version of HTC Sense to integrate Facebook throughout the device. When making a phone call to a […]